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20Q: A Decade of Teleaudiology Transformation and the Road Ahead

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1.  What best describes teleaudiology?
  1. A method of cleaning hearing devices
  2. Using telecommunications technology to deliver audiological services remotely
  3. A new brand of hearing aids
  4. A type of hearing loss
2.  What does mHealth stand for?
  1. Mental Health
  2. Mobile Health
  3. Modern Health
  4. Music Health
3.  Which of the following is a key benefit of teleaudiology identified during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  1. Increased need for in-person visits
  2. Reduced accessibility to hearing care
  3. Enhanced patient engagement and remote service delivery
  4. Decreased regulatory support
4.  How have audiologists' perceptions of teleaudiology changed due to COVID-19, according to surveys?
  1. They have become more resistant to using teleaudiology.
  2. Their interest has remained the same.
  3. There has been a significant increase in the perceived importance and use of teleaudiology.
  4. They now believe teleaudiology is only suitable for pediatric cases.
5.  What is one of the most significant barriers to the uptake and use of teleaudiology?
  1. The high cost of mobile devices
  2. The preference for traditional marketing methods
  3. Limited technological infrastructure and the need for more clinician training
  4. An oversupply of audiologists in rural areas

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