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Exam Preview

Conversations Shine with CROS Lumity

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1.  Which of the following is a product that is available as part of the Phonak Lumity Portfolio ?
  1. Audeo
  2. Naida
  3. CROS
  4. All of these
2.  A CROS hearing aid is designed for which specific patient type?
  1. Severe to profound hearing losses
  2. Mild losses only
  3. Conductive hearing loss
  4. Unilateral hearing loss
3.  CROS Lumity is compatible with which of the following form factors?
  1. Audeo Lumity-R only
  2. Naida Lumity only
  3. Sky Lumity
  4. All of these
4.  Which document can give details to help complete real ear with CROS?
  1. CROS Verification Guide
  2. CROS User Guide
  3. CROS Functional Description
  4. CROS your T’s and dot your I’s
5.  Speech Enhancer is part of what collection of Lumity features proven to decrease listening effort and improve speech understanding?
  1. Hear it all
  2. SmartSpeech Technology
  3. Comfort Balance
  4. Soundflow

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