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Exam Preview

ReSound Smart Fit 1.18: A Look at Advanced Features

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1.  It is recommended to change Experience levels when __________________ continues to be too loud or too soft after changing gain adjustments and/or gain %.
  1. Hearing aid volume
  2. Low frequency sounds
  3. High frequency sounds
  4. Beeps
2.  Time Constants can help with which patient complaint?
  1. Harsh, sharp, tinny sound quality
  2. Background noise
  3. Tinnitus
  4. Volume
3.  What is Program Two called for all levels of technology in ReSound Smart Fit 1.18?
  1. Restaurant
  2. Too Loud
  3. Hear in Noise
  4. I Can’t Hear You
4.  What feature can be used for the complaint of “everything sounds good but….” and changes the volume for 7 individual environments?
  1. Environmental Optimizer II
  2. Expansion
  3. Noise Tracker II
  4. Acceptance Manager
5.  What statement is true regarding the Digital Feedback System Ultra III (DFS Ultra III)?
  1. Run Calibration for Level 5 technology because they only have Mild feedback control.
  2. Level 7’s have Moderate feedback control. Therefore, Calibration is not necessary.
  3. No levels of technology have Mild, Moderate, Strong, Music.
  4. All levels of technology have Mild, Moderate, Strong, Music. Run Calibration for every 1st fit to activate the feedback system.

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