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Exam Preview

Bluetooth A-Z

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1.  Phonak hearing aids support which Bluetooth protocols?
  1. Headset profile (HSP), A2DP, MFi
  2. AHSA, MFi, LE
  3. Handsfree profile (HFP), A2DP, LE
  4. AirStream, BVST, AHSA
2.  All phone sounds route to the aids after they are?
  1. Unpaired
  2. Paired
  3. Plugged into the phone
  4. Roger ready
3.  What must you do in order for the myPhonak app to work?
  1. Pair your hearing aids for phone/audio streaming
  2. Delete all Bluetooth pairings on your phone
  3. Pair your hearing aids to the app
  4. Click a button in Target software
4.  What factors affect Bluetooth connection?
  1. Distance
  2. Order of pairing/turning on
  3. Phone function
  4. All of the above
5.  When calling in for help, which information is most helpful?
  1. Phone model and OS/iOS versión
  2. myPhonak version (for app questions)
  3. Hearing aid model and firmware version
  4. All of the above

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