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Exam Preview

New Tools and Strategies for Visual Reinforcement Audiometry

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1.  How many different types of stimuli are available to switch between during a hearing evaluation?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
2.  Why is the “Stop” feature important to have during VROCA button testing?
  1. To deactivate the VROCA button until the test is ready to begin.
  2. b.To send an audible message to the patient to stop pressing the button.
  3. c.To signal to the patient that the test is completed.
  4. d.To signal to the assistant in the booth that the test is completed.
3.  Screen mirroring your audiometric screen inside the booth allows you to control your audiometer with:
  1. Your finger on the touchscreen.
  2. A wireless mouse and keyboard.
  3. The remote control.
  4. The VROCA button.
4.  You can utilize your VRA screens to keep attention for longer periods of time while performing OAE, Tympanometry, and Otoscopy by using:
  1. Stop Mode
  2. Stay Mode
  3. Look Mode
  4. Distract Mode
5.  Which of the following features is NOT available on the Flex VRA to assist in the hearing evaluation?
  1. Diagrams Application
  2. Distract Mode
  3. Integrated Calibrated Sound Field Speakers
  4. Screen Mirror

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