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Introduction to Marvel CI – Technology, Software, and Resources


For over 25 years, Advanced Bionics has been a leader in cochlear implant innovation.  In partnership with Phonak, the global leader in hearing care, AB is introducing Naída™ CI M and Sky CI™ M sound processors.  Leveraging the power of Phonak’s Marvel Platform, these Marvel CI sound processors offer CI recipients customizable hearing solutions that are designed for each individual’s unique hearing needs.  With Marvel CI, we want to welcome you and your patients to a world of powerful connections, today and throughout your patient’s lifetime.


Along with the Marvel CI processors, AB is also introducing a new software fitting platform.  Target CI is designed for faster, easier, and smarter fittings!  Target CI supports wireless fitting of the new Marvel CI sound processors and Phonak Marvel Link hearing aids.  


 View the video to see a message from AB’s President.



Complete the comprehensive eLearning curriculum to learn about using these new products and how to fit them for your patients. 

There are 3 courses in total.  Each course consists of a series of short, self-guided modules – designed to be informative, yet allowing you to learn at your own pace.

  • Course 1 provides the fundamentals of what you need to know to begin working with AB’s new products. 
  • Course 2 provides additional information about Target CI.
  • Course 3 provides additional information about Marvel CI. 

We welcome you to learn more about the newest solutions from Advanced Bionics!

eLearning Courses

AB Innovations: Fundamentals of Marvel CI and Target CI

Connecting Recipients With The Moments They Love

Advanced Bionics is excited to share information about new Marvel CI sound processors and Target CI fitting software.  Naída CI M and Sky CI M sound processors are designed to connect recipients with the moments they love.  Target CI is designed for easier, faster, and smarter fittings. 
Register for this course for a basic overview of the new products and to learn what you need to know to start fitting AB recipients with Marvel CI!
Course 1 includes the following eLearning modules (2.5 hours CEUs):
  • Introduction to Marvel CI
  • Marvel CI: Features and Benefits
  • Marvel CI: Automation
  • Target CI: Introduction
  • Target CI: Basic Fitting
  • Target CI: First Fitting

Register Here to Access Course 1


Learn More About Target CI

Easier, Faster, Smarter Fitting

This course provides information about AB’s new fitting software: Target CI. Target CI features an intuitive workflow and user-centered design that results in faster fittings. Target CI is designed to be a smarter fitting software, with default settings optimized for CI recipients while providing programming clinicians the flexibility to meet their patient-specific needs. Compatibility with Noahlink Wireless provides the convenience of cable-free programming. Target CI provides easier, faster, smarter fittings!​

Course 2 includes the following eLearning modules (2 hours CEUs):

  • Noah and Target CI
  • Noahlink Wireless
  • Target CI: Upgrading to Marvel CI
  • Target CI: Bilateral Fitting
  • Target CI: Creating Additional Maps
  • Target CI: Creating Additional Programs

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Learn More About Marvel CI

Improving Hearing, Connecting Lives

Advanced Bionics is excited to share information about AB’s Bimodal Solution for Marvel CI, M Acoustic Earhook, wireless accessories and remote control options for Marvel CI. With innovative, cutting-edge technologies and a wide range of solutions and tools, Marvel CI and its accessories offer recipients a powerful hearing experience, effortless comfort and convenience, and the ultimate ease of use. Register for this course to learn more about Marvel CI and all that it has to offer!

Course 3 includes the following eLearning modules (2.5 hours CEUs):

  • Naida Link M / Sky Link M​
  • M Acoustic Earhook​
  • Marvel CI Waterproof Solutions​
  • Marvel CI Wireless Connectivity Overview​
  • AB Remote mobile application​
  • RogerDirect​
  • TV Connector and Partner Mic​
  • Phonak RemoteControl

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Hands-On Experience

Contact your AB Clinical Specialist after completing the first course when you are ready to begin the hands-on instruction in programming and device management. These hands-activities are designed to help you develop the knowledge and confidence to provide the best clinical management for each Marvel CI recipient.


Contact the AB Education and Training Department at: Education&


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