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An Overview of Hearing Healthcare Disparities

Presenter: Matthew Bush, MD, PhD, MBA

Hearing loss is a significant public health problem; however, the access and utilization of hearing healthcare differ dramatically among different populations. This presentation will discuss the current disparities in hearing healthcare and describe factors underlying barriers to equitable hearing healthcare.

Trauma Informed Care: Unseen Barriers for Understanding Equity in Audiology Access 

Presenter: Brittney Sprouse, Director & Pediatric Audiologist at the University of Chicago Medicine It is important to understand how unseen barriers can affect access to care in Audiology. This course will explore the topic of trauma, how it related to equity, trauma-informed care, and ways to implement this approach in the field of Audiology.

Using Interpreters in the Audiology Setting

Presenter: Kelly Murphy, AuD

This course is designed to help Audiologists and other professionals who work with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing population understand how and when to use interpreters in our work, what topics can be most difficult to convey through an interpreter, and what cultural differences need to be kept in mind as we communicate with our patients/clients/families through an interpreter. This discussion will relate to the use of Spanish/English interpreters as well as ASL/English interpreters but could be applied to other languages, as well. We will discuss how Audiology-related information may be received by different cultures. Additionally, the roles and responsibilities of the professional and the interpreter will be reviewed.

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Hearing Aid vs Cochlear Implant Patient Evaluations

Presenter: Jacob Hunter, MD

Greater racial/ethnic disparities exist among patients evaluated for hearing aids versus those evaluated for cochlear implants. This is the first event in a Diversity Series that will explore why diversity and inclusion matter in hearing healthcare and explore how we can improve our cultural competence and address race barriers in the healthcare system.

Promoting Hearing Success

Presenter: Krista Heavner, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert AVT, Lisa Bacic, MS, CCC-SLP

Learn, practice, and connect are the keys to hearing success! Find out how Advanced Bionics and Phonak are making it easy for you to help adults and children who are beginning or continuing on their hearing journey. This webinar will review the importance of aural rehabilitation and how to use HearingSuccess, an aural rehabilitation resource for adults and pediatrics.




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