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Signia Launches Discreet Hearing Aid Styles on Nx Platform, Including the World's First CIC CROS Device

Pamela Burton, AuD

April 18, 2018

Interview with Pamela Burton, AuD, Vice President of Product Management and Customer Care, Signia regarding their newest product launch.


AudiologyOnline: Congratulations on the launch of Signia’s newest products. Can you tell me more about them?

Pamela Burton, AuD: Thank you for the opportunity to tell your readers about our new offerings. This Spring, we’re very excited to expand our Nx platform to offer more choices for wearers who demand discretion and those with unaidable hearing loss on one side. With the Nx Ultra HD e2eTM binaural link included in our latest hearing aids, these wearers can enjoy the most natural hearing experience with exceptional speech understanding in noisy situations.

AudiologyOnline: Sounds like you’re introducing some very small hearing aids.

Pamela Burton, AuD: Precisely! Our unique Silk, the ready-to-wear, completely-in-canal hearing aid, will now be available on the Nx platform. Not only will it feature the superb Nx natural sound quality, but it has been re-engineered to be 20 percent smaller than its already-tiny predecessor. This smaller size means an improved fit rate and wearing comfort. It also features darker faceplate colors to blend into the ear canal and decrease visibility even further.

AudiologyOnline: For those of our readers not familiar with Silk, tell us again how it’s different from other CICs.

Pamela Burton, AuD: Silk hearing aids are unique CICs that are ready-to-wear thanks to their super-soft and flexible silicone Click Sleeves, which provide a secure and comfortable fit for almost every ear. This innovative design allows for an immediate, hassle-free fit without the wait times typical of other custom-fit hearing aids, benefiting both wearers and hearing care professionals.

AudiologyOnline: What’s new with Silk Nx, feature-wise?

Pamela Burton, AuD: Now that it’s offered on the Nx platform, Silk is better than ever, offering natural directionality and wireless streaming between both ears to make sure wearers hear what’s most important. It offers TwinPhone, which enables wearers to put a phone up to one ear and hear the call through both hearing aids. And it also comes with four Click Sleeve sizes to fit even more patients.

AudiologyOnline: What do you have to offer those with an unaidable hearing loss on one side?

Pamela Burton, AuD: Our new launch also includes the CROS Silk, the world’s first CIC solution for those with unilateral hearing loss. With contralateral routing of signal (CROS) technology, CROS Silk transfers sound from the unaidable ear to the better ear, enabling the wearer to hear from both sides. Compatible with all size 10 battery in-the-ear products, the CROS Silk’s transmitter device can be used for CROS and biCROS fittings.

AudiologyOnline: Is this your only CROS solution?

Pamela Burton, AuD: The Silk CROS is an addition to our Pure CROS Nx, which we also launched recently. With these two CROS transmitter options—one RIC design and one CIC—patients with unilateral hearing loss will find the option that fits their lifestyle and preferences.

AudiologyOnline: Signia recently introduced some RIC hearing aids. Can you remind us what those were again?

Pamela Burton, AuD: Silk and CROS Silk come on the heel of Pure Charge&Go, the inductive wireless lithium ion rechargeable hearing aid that offers our signature Own Voice Processing (OVP™), wireless binaural processing, and direct streaming connectivity with low energy drain. To round out the portfolio, we also have the Pure 10 Nx, a tiny 10-size receiver-in-canal (RIC), the powerful BTE Motion 13P Nx, and Pure 13 Nx, which delivers the longest battery life and all Signia Nx features including direct streaming.

AudiologyOnline: OVP has been on the market for some months now, do you have anything new to share about this feature?

Pamela Burton, AuD: Yes! As OVP is gaining popularity in the marketplace, we are also pleased to share more study results proving its benefit. The latest study shows that OVP is appropriate, and usually beneficial, for all patients, regardless of open or closed fittings, or fitting rationales. In fact, the results clearly show that patient ratings for Signia OVP activated in a closed fitting are equal to or better than competitive products with an open fitting. This means that OVP allows the fitting to take advantage of all the other feature benefits that provide the needed audibility and noise reduction for the patient – these features are often compromised to open up fittings due to own voice issues. Here is a link to "Perception of Own Voice Wearing Hearing Aids: Why "Natural" is the New Normal".

AudiologyOnline: What other products would you like to tell us about?

Pamela Burton, AuD: The new Insio CIC and IIC (Invisible-in-canal) are now also available on the Nx platform. The Insio Nx IIC features a smaller faceplate, smaller components, and thinner shells to create an almost invisible in-the-ear product. Yet, it still offers all binaural connectivity features such as binaural OneMic Directionality for better speech understanding in noise, and TwinPhone for better speech understanding on the phone. Together with the Insio CIC, the IIC will be very appealing to fans of tiny hearing aids.

AudiologyOnline: Where can our readers find more information about Silk, Insio and your other offerings launched this Spring?

Pamela Burton, AuD: We invite everyone to find out more about our new products by visiting And as always, our Customer Care Representatives are available to answer any questions at (800) 766-4500. Additional information and more resources including CE courses can be found on the Signia Partner Page on AudiologyOnline. 

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pamela burton

Pamela Burton, AuD

Pamela Burton, Au.D. currently serves as the Vice President Product Management & Customer Care for Signia hearing instruments, responsible for the product lifecycle from development through discontinuation. Dr. Burton received her Au.D. from Central Michigan University in 2006 and has been focused on hearing instrument technology and customer focused roles throughout her 31 year career with the company. She has authored numerous articles and a book chapter on amplification and has been a lecturer at local, state and national meetings on amplification topics.

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