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Unitron Hear Life - November 2023


Hear what industry-leading experts are saying about the latest topics.

Interview with Cameron Hay, President & CEO, Unitron

Cameron Hay

June 7, 2010

Topic: Product Innovations, Clinical Efficacy and Nearly Half a Million Downloads   Read More

Interview with John Luna, Vice President of Sales, Unitron

John Luna

January 18, 2010

Topic: FUSE™ - New Crossover Hearing Instrument Combining Best of CICs and Open-fit BTEs   Read More

Introducing Unitron Passport™ Premium Hearing Instruments

Bill Christman, MA, CCC-A

November 23, 2009

Interview with Bill Christman, Unitron   Read More

Interview with Don Hayes, Ph.D., Director of Audiology, Unitron

Donald Hayes, PhD

August 3, 2009

Topic: uHear™ - iPhone™ and iPod touch® Hearing Screening Application   Read More


Unitron's New Identity - Connecting with Purpose

Cameron Hay

May 11, 2009

Interview with Unitron's Cameron Hay   Read More

Earmolds from Unitron

Bill Christman, MA, CCC-A

March 16, 2009

Interview with Unitron's Bill Christman   Read More


Interview with Sarah Cerney, Au.D., Product Manager, Unitron Hearing US

Sarah Cerney, AuD

November 3, 2008

Topic: Unitron 360   Read More

Unitron's Next Family of Hearing Instruments: Everything You Need to Succeed

Bill Christman, MA, CCC-A

September 8, 2008

Interview with Unitron's Bill Christman on the newest family of hearing instruments from Unitron, Unitron Next.   Read More

Interview with Brian Kinnerk, President of Unitron US

Brian Kinnerk

February 4, 2008

Topic: The new Yuu - An Interactive Automatic Solution   Read More

Interview with Donald Hayes, Ph.D., Director of Audiology, Unitron Hearing

Donald Hayes, PhD

October 23, 2006

Topic: The New Element™ Product Line   Read More

Interview with Brian Kinnerk, Unitron Hearing US

Brian Kinnerk

June 19, 2006

Topic: Unitron Hearing's New Premium Hearing Instrument - Indigo™   Read More

Interview with Cameron Hay President and CEO, Unitron Hearing

Cameron Hay

April 4, 2005

Topic: Unitron Hearing Overview 2005   Read More


Interview with Donald Hayes Ph.D., Manager of Audiology, Research and Training, Unitron Hearing

Donald Hayes, PhD

October 4, 2004

Topic: CROS & WiFi Technologies from Unitron Hearing   Read More


Interview with Brian Kinnerk President of UNITRON-HEARING US

Brian Kinnerk

January 26, 2004

Topic: Unitron Hearing US   Read More

Interview with Mike Jones President and CEO, Unitron Hearing

Mike Jones

July 7, 2003

  Read More

Interview with Paul Thompson Chief Operating Officer, Unitron Hearing

Paul Thompson

May 24, 2000

  Read More

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