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Interview with Chizuko Tamaki Au.D. Student. Gallaudet University. GNResound Academic Scholarship Award Winner.

Chizuko Tamaki, AuD

May 21, 2001

AO/Beck: Good Morning Chizuko. Thanks for speaking with me.

Chizuko: Good morning. Thanks for this opportunity.

AO/Beck: I'd like to learn a little about you and the award you received from GNResound.

Chizuko: Sure, I would be happy to tell you.

AO/Beck: When did you come to the USA?

Chizuko: I was born in Japan, and I lived in Japan until I was 13 years old. At that time, my father wanted to move to Toronto to get his Ph.D. in computer science, so our family moved. I have two sisters, and my mom and dad, and we all moved to Canada.

AO/Beck: How long did you live in Toronto?

Chizuko: I was there for two years, and then I applied to a Japanese high school in New York. I was accepted at the Japanese High School, so I moved there. My family moved back to Japan when I was a junior in high school. When I finished high school I went to the State University of New York at Plattsburgh for my undergraduate degree. After my freshman year, I changed my major to Communication Disorders and graduated with my bachelor's degree in May, 2000. I was very interested in audiology at that point and so I applied to several audiology programs, but Gallaudet was the only Au.D. program I applied to. I was accepted there.

AO/Beck: And so you are now finishing your first year?

Chizuko: Yes, I am completing my first of four years towards my doctorate, at this time.

AO/Beck: How many students are in the Gallaudet program?

Chizuko: I believe we have four third-year students, 7 second-year students and I think 10 first-year students, plus some transitioning students. (a 'third-year student' is a student finishing their third year in the AuD program as of May, 2001)

AO/Beck: What do you like best about the Gallaudet program?

Chizuko: I like the way the supervisors walk us through clinical issues, step-by-step, rather than just throwing us in there! Also Gallaudet is a unique environment to experience the Deaf culture. I learned a whole new perspective about 'being Deaf' since I came here.

AO/Beck: What is your schedule like every week?

Chizuko: During the first year, we have three hours per week of ASL and about 2 hours per week seeing patients, and then of course, academic classes. Of course, the clinical time increases every year as the academic foundation becomes broader. At Gallaudet, I have incredibly supportive professors, clinical supervisors, and fellow classmates. I'm learning so much from them. Since I started in this program, I've been proud of myself for making this decision, and also grateful of Mrs. Macner, my undergraduate audiology professor, for helping me decide on my graduate program. I am very fortunate to have a supportive environment in the profession that I love. In addition , NAFDA has been a great source of educational and social suppport. And now, with this award, GN Resound has offered me a tremendous encouragement toward my future in audiology.

AO/Beck: Tell me about your award please.

Chizuko: I was just awarded the GNResound Academic Scholarship Award.

AO/Beck: That is quite an honor. What did you accomplish in order to obtain such high recognition?

Chizuko: I think the two issues were my letters of recommendation, which Dr. Ackley and Ms. Devlin wrote for me, and my GPA. My GPA was 3.975 out of 4.0.

AO/Beck: May I ask what the award included?

Chizuko: The award was $5000.00, and there was a beautiful plaque too.

AO/Beck: That's fantastic. I'll bet most of the students reading this interview have just decided to apply for the award next year!

Chizuko: Yes, I think so. There were two students who won the award this year and it really was very nice.

AO/Beck: Are you planning on staying in the USA when you get your Au.D., or are you going to back to Japan?

Chizuko: I am not certain yet. I will probably work in the USA for a year or two and then decide. Audiology in Japan is very different from audiology in the USA and I am not certain what I will do at this time.

AO/Beck: Thanks for your time this morning Chizuko. It has been a pleasure meeting you and I wish you all the best in your studies and your career!

Chizuko: Thank you Dr. Beck.
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Chizuko Tamaki, AuD


GNResound Academic Scholarship Award Winner.

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