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What Does "Going Beyond" Mean at Phonak?

Alyssa Ricevuto, AuD, MBA

March 13, 2024

Alyssa Ricevuto, AuD, MBA, dives into the four core principles of Phonak’s reliability initiative, which is built on feedback and our commitment to continuous innovation.


AudiologyOnline: What is Going Beyond at Phonak?
Alyssa Ricevuto, AuD, MBA: Going Beyond is our reliability initiative built on the four pillars of Quality, Customer Experience, Expertise, and Innovation. We strive for excellence in everything we do. Phonak is committed to developing innovative products that enable people to live a life without limitations. We use customer and patient feedback to make informed decisions to deliver products that address current market needs.

AudiologyOnline: What Does Quality Mean at Phonak?
Alyssa Ricevuto, AuD, MBA: Phonak supports a broad range of IP68-rated RICs, ITEs, and BTEs, including the waterproof Audéo Life. Our innovations are durable and can withstand the harshest conditions. We thoroughly test our battery door mechanisms to withstand 5000 door openings and closings, which is equivalent to 5 years of wearing. We also ensure our products meet the needs of our end-users by putting them through 128 rigorous testing protocols for over 9,600 hours, and we stand behind our product quality with a three-year warranty.

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AudiologyOnline: What Does Customer Experience Mean at Phonak?
Alyssa Ricevuto, AuD, MBA: Customer experience is a key initiative for us at Phonak and that means we want to understand how to be the best partner to you. Based on recent feedback, that starts with how we ship our products. We are piloting a new way to ship products so that everything in your order will arrive in a single box. This simplified packaging delivers an improved unboxing experience while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable packaging. This goal was achieved with direct customer input throughout the process and helps deliver upon Phonak’s sustainability objectives.

AudiologyOnline: What Does Expertise Mean at Phonak?
Alyssa Ricevuto, AuD, MBA: Our expertise pillar means that we want to add value in all dimensions of your practice. One example is our team of highly skilled Clinical Trainers who help customize and fit our hearing instruments. Our Practice Development team can partner with you to help implement best practices towards reaching your personal or practice goals and help you grow your practice with the support of our Marketing Services or Practice Growth Leaders. Our commitment to supporting you goes way beyond products. Don’t miss our extensive offerings of continuing education opportunities that cover everything from complex listening needs to managing your bottom line.AudiologyOnline: What Does Innovation Mean at Phonak?
Alyssa Ricevuto, AuD, MBA: Research is at the heart of everything we do at Phonak and is a key component behind our innovation. We are proud of the research we do at our own Phonak Audiology Research Center (PARC) in Aurora, Illinois, and at 4 other highly skilled research sites worldwide. Our global network of labs gives us tremendous capabilities, from highly technical bench testing to human subject research, that informs everything from early conceptual designs to final product validation.
Phonak We Test it All
We strongly believe in our products and want you to feel confident when recommending a Phonak to every patient. To learn more, please reach out to your Phonak representative. We would love to hear how we can Go Beyond for you.

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alyssa ricevuto

Alyssa Ricevuto, AuD, MBA

Marketing Manager- Marketing Programs

Dr. Alyssa Ricevuto has been with Phonak since 2017, serving in various training roles as Clinical Trainer, Key Account Clinical Trainer, and Senior Clinical Trainer. She is currently the Program Marketing Manager. Prior to joining Phonak, Alyssa spent ten years working as a clinician in both private practice and ENT settings. Alyssa received her BA from the University of Connecticut, Doctorate of Audiology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and her MBA from Southern New Hampshire University.

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