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Phonak Lyric - The World’s Only 100% Invisible Hearing Aid is Now More Attractive with Self-Replacement

Michelle Wiebke, AuD

June 24, 2024

Dr. Michelle Wiebke discusses Lyric, why it’s attractive to a clinic, patient benefits, and how the option of Lyric Self-Replacement just made it even more attractive to both.


AudiologyOnline: Can you tell me about Lyric – I know it’s different from the other hearing aids I typically fit.


Michelle Wiebke, AuD: Lyric is an invisible, 24/7 hearing solution, and for many, it’s the only hearing solution they will wear. The fitting range of Lyric is very similar to daily wear devices, fitting mild to moderately severe patients. Lyric is only sold in Authorized Lyric clinics and fit by Lyric Certified Fitters. Lyric Certified fitters are specially trained to fit Lyric deep in the ear canal – 4mm from the eardrum. The patient wears their Lyric device(s) for up to 4 months and then returns to the clinic for a replacement device(s). Because of the extended wear nature of Lyric, it’s sold on a subscription basis. Within that subscription, if there are any technology upgrades, the patient automatically benefits from those with their subscription.

Lyric Finger

AudiologyOnline: What are the benefits for patients with Lyric hearing?

Michelle Wiebke, AuD: The invisibility attracts people to Lyric – it’s the only 100% invisible hearing aid on the market. But while invisibility attracts many patients, they often cite the sound quality and hassle-free nature as the contributors to continued wear. Many patients say how normal they feel as they are not reminded daily of their hearing loss. Lyric provides 24/7 hearing with no batteries to change or charge. It’s also analog hearing, which is how our brain hears. With Lyric, it’s wear it and forget it – going about daily and nightly activities with that added sense of security that nothing will be missed. For those with tinnitus it also brings benefit as Lyric is proven to bring faster and greater relief for tinnitus patients than a daily wear device1.

AudiologyOnline: What are the benefits for practices that offer Lyric?

Michelle Wiebke, AuD: For practices who provide Lyric, one benefit is the dependable recurring revenue stream. Lyric has shown a long-standing renewal rate (percentage of patients in subscription who renew their subscription) of 70 percent or greater. This consistent renewal rate allows practices to forecast their revenue stream based on their Lyric patient base. The Lyric revenue growth can be quite dramatic as the patient base grows. A second benefit is that 99% of Lyric wearers are extremely satisfied with their hearing care professional2 which results in patient loyalty, which is increasingly important with the many options for acquiring hearing aids today. It also supports high-quality referrals to your clinic by satisfied patients. A third benefit is that Lyric is a practice differentiator, with less than 3% of hearing clinics having Lyric as part of their offering. It’s not in big box, it’s not over the counter. For those who really lead with Lyric in their practice, they easily become a destination provider for all hearing solutions, both extended wear and daily wear.

AudiologyOnline: What’s new with Lyric?

Michelle Wiebke, AuD: In April 2024, Sonova received FDA-clearance for Lyric Self-Replacement. With this clearance, experienced Lyric patients who would feel comfortable changing their Lyric devices every other time on their own may elect to do so with HCP-guidance. Lyric Self-Replacement is built around the hearing care professional as the HCP is instrumental in patient success with Lyric. Success with self-replacement in the clinic is driven by the HCP choosing the right patients for self-replacement as directed by the self-replacement candidacy form, incorporating self-replacement training for eligible patients and following the right process to ensure long-term success.

Lyric Replacement

AudiologyOnline: What benefits does self-replacement bring to patients and providers?

Michelle Wiebke, AuD: There are multiple benefits for both patients and providers when it comes to self-replacement, self-replacement drives convenient living. With up to 50% fewer visits to the hearing care professional, patients have more flexibility and control over their subscription and confidence to live life without interruption. For the provider, they also benefit from fewer refit visits but it also provides more flexibility to meet patient needs and peace of mind to control their business.

AudiologyOnline: What research is there to support this new option?

Michelle Wiebke, AuD: With years of planning, multiple research sites and a 245-page clinical study report culminating in FDA-clearance for self-replacement, the evidence is there. A Phonak Field Study News Report reviews the research and key findings surrounding self-replacement. The study concluded that the optional HCP-guided self-replacement procedure is as safe and effective as the standard HCP-replacement procedure, with minimal variability in effectiveness outcomes between the self- and HCP-replaced devices.


AudiologyOnline: How do I learn more about self-replacement?

Michelle Wiebke, AuD: There are several ways to learn more about Lyric Self-Replacement. Your Phonak sales representative has been fully trained to talk to hearing care professionals and bring anyone up to speed about it. In addition there is a dedicated web page for professionals that highlights the benefits of self-replacement and includes a link to the Lyric Self-Replacement certification course for fitters.

AudiologyOnline: How do I become a Lyric provider?

Michelle Wiebke, AuD: Based upon key learnings from onboarding new offices with Lyric in the past, we have structured our approach to ensure new accounts are successful with Lyric. The best way to determine if Lyric makes sense for your practice is to reach out to your Phonak representative, as there are basic criteria that must be met to ensure high patient care. For those offices that meet the criteria to become a Lyric office, we equip them to have the best patient outcomes and satisfaction with Lyric. This is a result of an intense focus on appropriate training, equipment and attitude of how Lyric fits into a practice. No doubt about it, Lyric can be very disruptive to a practice especially one getting started with Lyric; however, we work to ensure that disruption is understood up front, so those clinics that really want to drive success with Lyric are fully equipped to do so.


1 Biggins A, Power D, (August 2021) Reducing Tinnitus with hearing aids: Does Phonak Lyric™ offer a more effective option? Phonak Field Study News retrieved from

2 Knorr, H. (2021) Lyric consumer survey #4446 for more information contact

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michelle wiebke

Michelle Wiebke, AuD

Senior Lyric Audiology & Education Manager for Phonak, USA

Michelle has supported Lyric since 2010 when she joined InSound Medical as a Clinical Trainer. Following Sonova’s acquisition of InSound Medical, Michelle transitioned to the Phonak team and has been with the company in various roles since. In her current role as Senior Lyric Audiology and Education Manager, she supports the clinical and audiological needs for Lyric, across training, marketing, research, and education.

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