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ReSound Wows CES Attendees with MFi, Announces Expansion to Android Platform

Michael Piskosz, MS, Jennifer Seelman

January 19, 2015

Interview with Jennifer Seelman and Michael Piskosz, ReSound

ReSound LiNXCarolyn Smaka:  I’m speaking with Jennifer Seelman and Michael Piskosz from ReSound, who are currently at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Jennifer, what is ReSound launching at the show?

Jennifer Seelman: We’re excited to announce that the ReSound portfolio of smart hearing aids will be available with the Samsung Galaxy S5, one of the most popular Android smart phones, via the ReSound Smart App™.  It enables the same kind of compatibility advancements that we initially launched for the iPhone, such as setting volume levels, adjusting treble and bass settings, geotagging, and more.  It will be available for download on Google Play in February, and we’ll expand to include other Android devices later this year.

As with our MFi technology, no intermediary device is needed to use the app with the Galaxy S5. There’s no streamer or bulky piece to hang around the neck.

Here at the show, the response has been great.  It’s interesting because we’ve been on the market with MFi capabilities with iPhone and Apple devices for about a year now, and these types of events enable us to continue to get the word out.  We introduced a smart super-power hearing aid called ReSound ENZO in the fall, and now we’re adding Android. There are 160,000 people here at CES.  For some, it’s the first time they’ve heard about smart hearing aids and MFi.

Carolyn:  I’m sure many people still have old-fashioned ideas about what hearing aids look like and sound like.

Jennifer:  Yes, many people have come up to the booth and remarked at how surprised they are that hearing aids are so small now.  They definitely still have visions of these large instruments of years ago.  And then they’ve been completely taken aback when we tell them about all the capabilities of the technology.  It’s been really fun for us to be here at CES.

Carolyn: Michael, what's new with the tinnitus portfolio?

Michael Piskosz: On November 1st, we released the ReSound Relief™ app for tinnitus. It’s a multisensory app that allows people to create soundscapes, which essentially are sound environments that they can personalize.  This app is an extra tool in our tinnitus portfolio that enables us more flexibility to customize and personalize sound therapy for tinnitus patients. 

You can layer up to five different sounds, create very dynamic soundscapes, and even play standard white noise if you'd like.  There's also a lot of informational content within it, which is what makes it unique from other tinnitus sound therapy apps.  We're not just here to have people push a play button and start a sound; we want to inform and educate people about tinnitus as well.  There are also helpful tips so people can understand their tinnitus better and get started on the process of managing their tinnitus.

The app can be used by people who have tinnitus and normal hearing as well as those with hearing loss. So, it can be streamed wirelessly to hearing instruments, or you can just plug in a conventional set of headphones use the app.

It’s available for free download on both Google Play and the App Store through Apple.

Carolyn: I appreciate you taking a break from CES to speak with me.  Thanks for these exciting updates and enjoy the show!

Editor's note: After we completed this interview, ReSound LiNX got a nice mention in the Washington Post article, Ten Things from CES That You May Actually Want to Buy. Learn more about ReSound at and on the ReSound Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

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michael piskosz

Michael Piskosz, MS

Senior Global Audiologist

Michael started with ReSound as an Audiologist Regional Manager in New Zealand, and has been part of the organization since 2004.  His clinical experience includes working as a clinical audiologist at the University of Miami, in Miami, FL, as well as a private ENT practice in Hollywood, FL. He has a dual undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Psychology from Syracuse University, and earned his Masters of Science (MS) in audiology at the University of Washington, in Seattle, WA. Michael serves as a Senior Audiologist on the Global Medical Affairs team for GN ReSound and has a primary focus on tinnitus, sound sensitivity and mobile solutions. His responsibilities include the development of innovative and functional tinnitus products, materials and mobile solutions that help drive the industry forward for both end-users and hearing care professionals.

Jennifer Seelman

Director of Marketing and Communications, ReSound

Jennifer Seelman is Director of Marketing and Communications at ReSound.

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