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Sennheiser All Day Clear - July 2023

Moving to the Forefront of Hearing Care with OTC and Situational Solutions

Jessica Dancis, MA

February 1, 2024

As a Hearing Care Professional, you see the whole spectrum of hearing needs. How do you help people who don’t need or aren’t ready for a traditional hearing aid now so you become their solution provider for a lifetime of hearing care? Position your practice at the forefront of hearing enhancement by complementing your prescription products with innovative ready-to-wear solutions. Offer Sennheiser Hearing’s off-the-shelf OTC and situational solutions, powered by Sonova technology, to bring in new user segments, build relationships with consumers earlier in their hearing journey, and generate revenue with those who aren’t ready for hearing aids.


AudiologyOnline: Who is Sennheiser Hearing?


Jessica Dancis: Sennheiser is a global leader for professional audio technology: from microphone systems to professional headphones, business communication solutions, streaming, and 3D audio technologies.

Sonova’s new consumer hearing business was formed with the acquisition of Sennheiser’s consumer division, thus combining Sonova’s technology leadership in innovation with the expertise and reputation of Sennheiser in the world of sound. Now, with our new Consumer Hearing Division, we are offering a wide category of hearing solutions under the Sennheiser brand.

AudiologyOnline: What are early-entry hearing devices?

Jessica Dancis: Early-entry hearing devices include Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids and situational solutions for TV and conversation in noise. These products help consumers early in their hearing journey who want a ready-to-wear solution.

AudiologyOnline: Why is Sonova and Sennheiser offering early-entry devices?

Jessica Dancis: We view early-entry solutions as a way of improving consumer access to hearing care, particularly in the early stages of the hearing journey. We believe that hearing care professionals will remain central to this market, and many people with hearing difficulties will ultimately seek their support. With our new Sennheiser Hearing Portfolio we provide products and services for HCPs to participate in new opportunities and to deliver their services to as many consumers as possible.

AudiologyOnline: Why is it important to offer Sennheiser’s early-entry solutions in my practice?

Jessica Dancis: Only 10% of people with mild hearing loss have amplification1and 26 M Americans with normal thresholds and suprathreshold hearing difficulties.2 We are missing out helping these people. Early-entry hearing devices are tailored for those who don’t need or aren’t ready for prescription hearing aids. Offering Sennheiser early-entry solution in your practice broadens your care, allowing you to become a comprehensive, patient-centric, hearing healthcare provider.

AudiologyOnline: What are the benefits for my practice of offering OTC and situational solutions?

Jessica Dancis: Promoting All-Day Clear both in clinic and online can effectively reach potential customers earlier in their journey towards better hearing. It also caters to those who may not require or desire a prescription product or service. Leveraging All-Day Clear can help decrease your Tested-not-sold (TNS) rate, address situational needs, serve as an alternative hearing aid set, and present unique gifting opportunities.

AudiologyOnline: Tell me about your OTC hearing aids?

Jessica Dancis: Sennheiser All-Day Clear are FDA cleared as self-fitting OTC hearing aids. All-Day Clear come in two sleek and stylish RIC options, with an out-of-the-box fit for various ear shapes and sizes.  Designed for all day wear and powered by Sonova technology with MFA Wireless connectivity, All-Day Clear are unique Sennheiser solutions and deliver exceptional hearing performance. The hearing are self-fitting and ready-to-wear, and empower hearing care professionals (HCP) with an array of options that enable them to customize the hearing aids for their patients.

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AudiologyOnline: What is the All-Day Clear sound profile, and how do the self-fit hearing aids settings match the user’s hearing loss?

Jessica Dancis: All-Day Clear’s self-fitting process is quick, simple, and precise. The Sound Profile personalization selection is based on user preference when listening to a streamed audio passage through the hearing aids. Validation outcomes show that the self-fitting process and amplification settings match Real-Ear targets well and are often as good as if they had gone through a conventional hearing test and fitting process.

AudiologyOnline: What is the In-Clinic Care Package, and how does it help?

Jessica Dancis: All-Day Clear is the only OTC hearing aid that can be programmed by HCPs, like a prescription hearing aid. Our in-clinic care package gives consumers the option of purchasing professional support when they need it. It presents an opportunity for HCPs to build new relationships, regardless of the point of hearing aid purchase, and to follow-up with services. This connection to the HCP can grow to future hearing care and to prescription hearing aids as their hearing loss progresses, and they need a more diagnostic and service solutions.

AudiologyOnline: Tell me about situational solutions?

Jessica Dancis: Sennheiser Hearing’s true wireless hearing devices addresses the two most common challenging hearing situations: TV and conversation in noise. Choose the ConC 400 for enhanced speech intelligibility and to protect in background noise with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). The ConC 400 enables greater enjoyment in noisy environments such as restaurants and sporting events. Choose the TVS 200 to enjoy crystal clear TV and streaming sound from media devices. With 20 dB of maximum gain, both of these solutions solve situational challenges for those who don’t need or want a hearing aid.

AudiologyOnline: How do I learn more about Sennheiser Hearing?

Jessica Dancis: Contact Sennheiser Hearing Support, your dedicated HCP and consumer team, at or 1-866-435-5646 to learn more and take advantage of our promotional offer.

1 Kotchkin S. MarkeTrak VIII: The key influencing factors in hearing aid purchase intent. Hear Rev. 2012;19{03}:12-25

2 Beck, DL. & Danhauer, J. Amplification for Adults with Hearing Difficulty, Speech in Noise Problems, and Normal Thresholds. Journal of Oto-ENT Research. Vol 1, Issue 1, 2019

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jessica dancis

Jessica Dancis, MA

Jessica Dancis is a Senior Marketing Manager at Sonova. She manages the Sennheiser Hearing portfolio, an innovative line up of early entry devices. Jessica is an experienced clinical audiologist. She has more than 16 years of experience in various roles at Sonova, including her previous role as National Key Account Manager. Jessica is passionate about audiology and a fervent proponent of HCPs. She enjoys making a difference in the life of people by giving them access to technology that allows them to hear the world. 

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