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Are 2 Better Than 1? MED-EL, The World Leader in Cochlear Implant Technology, Launches U.S. Bilateral Clinical Study


DURHAM, NC - On September 8th, 2001, at the American Academy of Otolaryngology's annual conference in Denver, MED-EL announced the launch of an important clinical research project. This project will study bilateral cochlear implantation, an area that has great potential benefits for the hearing impaired community. Bilateral implantation, the process of providing cochlear implants to patients in both ears, has already been shown to enhance performance compared to single-device implantation. 'MED-EL has conducted extensive research globally on the benefits of bilateral implantation,' says Chris Bertrand, CEO of MED-EL Corporation, North America. 'With the recent FDA approval, we are delighted to announce the start of an extensive study in the United States on the benefits of bilateral technology.'

MED-EL, the leading medical device company on the cutting edge of Cochlear Implant technology, continues its history of bringing progressive technology to helping the profoundly hearing impaired. 'Since receiving U.S. FDA approval in August, we have had tremendous interest from prospective candidates who are exploring the benefits of our cochlear implant systems' says Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair, founder and CEO of MED-EL Worldwide. 'We consider it our responsibility to continually develop new, innovative ways to meet the needs of our patients - such as bilateral implantation using our proven behind-the-ear (BTE) TEMPO+ Speech Processor.'

'I am very happy that MED-EL has received FDA approval and I am pleased to be a part of their bilateral study.', remarks Dr. Thomas Balkany, Hoskiss Professor and Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Miami School of Medicine. 'and I am excited to see the resulting benefits of the patients with bilateral implantation.'

The study is to begin immediately with patient surgeries already scheduled in September. 'Our recent FDA approval has opened the door in the United States to allow MED-EL to offer innovative solutions to the hearing impaired', states Chris Bertrand. 'Patients and medical professionals will continue to see exciting new announcements in the months to come, such as new applications for our advanced TEMPO+ Behind-the-Ear Speech Processor.' MED-EL provides a complete family of products and services to support the various needs of cochlear implant users and medical professionals.

About MED-EL

Over 25 years ago, researchers who later founded MED-EL developed one of the world's first cochlear implants. Today, MED-EL is the world's fastest growing cochlear implant company and the global leader in innovative technology in this field. MED-EL products are the result of collaborative efforts by MED-EL engineers, surgeons, audiologists, therapists and, of course, implant users.

MED-EL has 14 offices worldwide including a North American Headquarters in Durham, North Carolina and Worldwide Headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria. With over 6,000 TEMPO+ Speech Processors worldwide, users from over 258 cochlear implant centers in 54 countries are already benefiting from MED-EL's commitment to enriching the lives of the deaf and hearing impaired. For more information contact MED-EL Corporation or visit our website at

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