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The Academy Introduces Newborn Hearing Screening Brochure


McLean, VA - As many as 3 of every 1,000 babies are born in the United States each year with hearing loss. The first year of life is critical to the development of normal speech and language. Thus, it is imperative that every baby's hearing be tested before 3 months of age so that intervention may begin as soon as possible, if needed. To help explain the reasons why every parent should have their newborn's hearing tested before leaving the hospital, the American Academy of Audiology is pleased to introduce 'Newborn Hearing Screening' -- the newest addition to our collection of exceptional educational publications.

Newborn Hearing Screening updates and replaces the information found in The Academy brochure 'Hearing Loss in Infants and Neonates,' and includes the hearing milestones parents should look for their baby to achieve. The brochure offers detailed information on why a baby's hearing should be screened, how the screening test will be done and what to do if the baby doesn't pass the test.

'Newborn Hearing Screening' is available in packages of 100 ($40 for American Academy of Audiology members; $50 for non-members). To order, visit the Academy Store at to download a Publications Order Form or contact The Academy.

The American Academy of Audiology, the world's largest professional organization of audiologists, is dedicated to providing quality hearing care services through professional development, education, research and increased public awareness of hearing disorders. To learn more about the audiology profession and how audiologists are helping the 28 million Americans who suffer from hearing loss, please visit The Academy's web site at
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