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Audiology's Professional Symbol Unveiled


West Lafayette, IN-A highlight of the opening ceremony at this year's ADA convention was the unveiling of the unique professional symbol for Audiology. This is a milestone for Audiology and represents the profession's coming of age.

Central to the design of the new symbol is the cochlea, representing hearing and balance. The diamond, which surrounds the cochlea, represents the core facets of Audiology: patient care, research and education.

The symbol resulted from a contest sponsored by the AFA. A committee comprised of representatives of several audiology organizations selected the winning concepts for the design. Committee members included Bob Manning, ADA's President; Dave Fabry, AAA's President; Jina Scherer, NAFDA's President; Ken Lowder, AFA's Chair; and Doug Beck, Audiology Online's Editor-in-Chief.

Thank you to all the audiologists who submitted entries. Randy and Marian Fredner, Suzanne Katko and Anita Pikus submitted winning concepts. Jim Guillory was the winner of the drawing from the remaining contestants. Each received a plaque with the new symbol on it.
The AFA wants the new symbol to be used everywhere. The symbol, which is copyrighted by AFA, is available for you to download, from their website with permission. Several items containing the new symbol are available from the AFA.

To download the symbol for professional use such as letterhead or business cards, or to view a product list and an order form, visit the AFA's website:
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