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Audioscan Simulated REM - September 2021

Audioscan Announces Verifit LINK in new 2018.2 software release for Verifit2


Audioscan's new 2018.2 software release includes an amazing innovation that allows automated verification and adjustment of hearing instruments in both real ear and the test box.

  1. The exciting new Verifit®LINK automated fit-to-target tool!
    • If you fit Oticon, Bernafon, and Sonic brands of hearing instruments, Verifit®LINK will save you time and assure your patients of a professional, trusted Verifit hearing instrument fit by connecting your Verifit directly to your fitting software.
  2. Automated test sequencing
    • Now you can have your Verifit2 automatically run up to four tests in a row with no added effort on your part. This is a great time-saving feature!
  3. RMS Error to Target display 
    • Quickly see how far your fitting is from target. Based on leading research from Boys Town, RMS Error quantifies the cumulative distance from target in a bar graph display.


This release applies to Verifit2®, Axiom®, Verifit1® and RM500SL® brands; new features vary by product and model generation. 

Please view this video to learn about these and seven other helpful new features in the Audioscan 2018.2 software release.  More information is available at and on the Audioscan Partner Page on AudiologyOnline.



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