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Audioscan Simulated REM - September 2021

Audioscan Introduces its Latest Software Release, Now with Frequency Lowering Guidance Tool and Bone Anchored Hearing Device Verification Capability!


Dorchester, Ontario – July 18, 2016 – Hearing professionals often experience these issues when doing real ear or test box verification:

  • "It's so tricky to get frequency lowering settings right."
  • "Why can't I read RECD numbers readily on my Axiom?"
  • "What is a good SII score for my pediatric patients?"
  • "My patients prefer hearing tests in their native language."
  • "I wish I could print directly from my PC remote."
  • "Will I be able to verify bone-anchored devices?"

Audioscan’s world-class line of professional verification equipment now includes upgraded features that solve every one of these issues and more!

Adjusting frequency lowering (FL) settings with /s/ and /sh/ has never been easier with the new Maximum Audible Output Frequency (MAOF) highlighter. Integrated into Audioscan’s Speechmap®, the MAOF highlighter provides guidance during FL verification to help clinicians provide an optimal fit.  

This software release also enables exciting new verification capability that will run the soon-to-be-released Verifit® Skull Simulator (VSS). For the first time, clinicians will be able to accurately measure and verify bone anchored hearing devices using the new VSS in combination with new DSL-BCD targets integrated into Speechmap.  This product accessory will function on all Verifit 2 and Verifit Classic generation 2 and generation 3 (built after 2005).

Audioscan president Jim Jonkman said, “This software release continues our long heritage of providing major innovations through professional verification. Our passion is to help clinicians provide their patients with the best possible hearing experience.”

Additional refinements in this new software release* include:

  1. SII target ranges in Audibars
  2. Printing in Remote Console application
  3. International speech passages
  4. Table view in Axiom Speechmap®
  5. /s/ and /sh/ stimuli extended to ALL models including VF1
  6. Dual view occlusion effect test
  7. Dual view manual control
  8. Handy network setup tools

*Features vary by product

Audioscan owners can download this powerful software for their specific model at no charge by clicking on  or contact their local Audioscan sales representative for friendly assistance. To purchase an Audioscan product, go to for information and the location of a distributor near you.

For additional information, go to; or the Audioscan Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.
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Audioscan is the leading manufacturer of professional verification systems in North America. The company manufactures the Verifit®2, Axiom®, and the RM500SLTM systems. Audioscan pioneered the Speechmap® sound visualization and the use of real speech for best-science hearing aid verification. 

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