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Audioscan Simulated REM - September 2021

Audioscan launches new ProbeGUIDE™ for Verifit®2 and Axiom®


September 12, 2019. Audioscan is proud to announce the launch of ProbeGUIDE™ precision probe tube placement tool. ProbeGUIDE represents a major breakthrough in hearing aid verification ease of use. Developed using machine learning, ProbeGUIDE continuously tracks the probe tube tip in real-time to ensure placement near the eardrum. Hearing care professionals can now enjoy high confidence that their clinical verification measures will be accurate. See it in action at

ProbeGUIDE is now available in the 2019.2 software release for Verifit2 and Axiom. This free upgrade also contains these great features:

  1. SII target ranges in DSL adult fittings (both Verifit2 and Axiom). This helps clinicians evaluate their fittings and counsel patients.
  2. New high definition Speechmap® graphics. Get clean, clear screen overlays and printouts (Verifit2 s/n C1947+ and Axiom s/n B2108+)
  3. VerifitLINK™ now performs simultaneous binaural measurements to save time when used with the latest partnered fitting software.
  4. Max TM SPL can now be set from partnered fitting software when using VerifitLINK. This ensures aided responses do not exceed a predetermined SPL level at the eardrum during automated REM.

Audioscan equipment users are encouraged to download Verifit2 software version 4.18 and Axiom software version 1.24. Please log in at to enjoy these new features today.

Audioscan is the leading manufacturer of hearing instrument verification systems in North America. The company manufactures the Verifit®2 and Axiom® brands. Audioscan’s industry innovations include Speechmap® auditory mapping and the use of real speech for best-science hearing aid verification. For more information, contact us at



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