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MED-EL - Bonebridge - August 2023

Bernafon Introduces It's New Fully Digital Hearing Instrument!


Life is better with a Smile

With the launch of a complete new fully digital hearing instrument family, Bernafon, the pioneer of digital programmable hearing systems (world's first digital programmable system, PHOX) introduces the second generation of fully digital hearing instruments. The series offers excellent sound quality and the fastest processing time of any fully digital instrument on the market.

Smile is the first instrument in the world to use NAL-NL1 and has been designed around this new rationale. NAL-NL1 is developed by the world-renowned National Acoustic Laboratories in Australia and is the first speech based fitting rational. NAL-NL1 provides improved speech intelligibility while keeping the overall loudness at a level not greater than the one perceived by a normal hearing person.

In line with the Bernafon focus of offering tangible patient benefits the family offers more user control options than any other DSP instrument on the market. User access can be completely individualised which makes users confident in their daily life.

The unique in-situ feedback manager detects and dramatically reduces feedback in up to nine frequency bands without sacrificing overall gain. A new wax buster system significantly reduces patient hassles and cost. Combined with other benefits this results in high patient acceptance and comfort.

Smile is designed with the specific aim of making DSP technology affordable to a larger audience without in any way compromising sound quality. A highly flexible organisation committed to short development cycles and excellent quality makes this possible.

Why Smile? One of the guiding principles of Bernafon is to help people communicate, thereby getting more out of life. From the choice of rationale, filters and user controls this instrument family is designed to achieve real, tangible benefits for hearing-impaired persons. The outcomes are features that make people smile. Try the Smile system yourself and you will be convinced.

Click here to visit the Bernafon website.

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