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Custom Hearing Protection from Westone

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I'm Listenting

Call me a noise junky. I know it's damaging. But stay away from it? No way. At work— jack hammers and the big equipment rigs. At home — the band saw and lawnmower. Afterhours? Skeet shooting. Dance clubs. NASCAR. I am listening — to the advice of my hearing healthcare professional. I wear custom hearing protection from Westone®.

Are You Listening

Your world is a noisy environment. You really can't escape. It's everywhere. Traffic and construction. Sporting events and concerts. Chain saws and jet engines. Bottomline, exposure to loud noise will eventually take its toll on your hearing. You ca take steps to protect your precious hearing with Westone's® individually crafted, custom-fit earplugs. Earplugs designed for specific noise-reduction applications and environments. From protecting musicians to motorcyclists. Dentists to defensive backs. Hunters to highway patrolmen. The people of Westone® design and craft hearing protection for your world. See your hearing healthcare professional and ask about hearing protection as individual as your ears.

You'll want to listen.

When you work or play in a noisy environment without proper hearing protection, it's simply a matter of when — not if — you will suffer irreversible hearing loss. Just 15 minutes of exposure to 115 decibel noise can cause permanent hearing damage. And it's cumulative — prolonged exposure to even modest noise can damage your hearing over years.

The solution: Custom-fit earplugs from Westone®
Each Westone® earplug is created from an impression of your ear to provide all-day comfort, fit and noise reduction. Westone makes over 15 different styles of earplugs in over a dozen different materials.

  • Westone 4RT. For motorcyclists. Fits comfortably under a motorcycle helmet.

  • Westone 39. A hunter's earplug with Sonic II Valve for occasional high impact noise.

  • Westone 40 Series.General purpose solid plugs. Good for home and yard uses, as well as studying.

  • Westone 42. A full-thickness filtered sound plug for communications applications.

  • Westone 47. The DefendEars™ filtered earplug for noise protection and speech comprehension.

  • Westone 49. Musicians and music industry earplugs.

  • AquaNot.™ Floatable swimplugs with great noise suppression capabilities.

  • Westone 70. Keeps the environment out but still allows for
    communication. Great for surfing!

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