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Starkey Equal - July 2024

Doctor Donates 100 Hearing Aids, 12 Assisted Listening Devices to Less

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Dr. Deborah Price, of the Hearing Professional Center, Provides Hearing Aids to Children and Adults Through Hear Now.

Dr. Deborah Price, founder and president of the Hearing Professional Center, donated 100 hearing aids, some with remote controls, and 12 assisted listening devices to Hear Now.

Hear Now is the domestic program of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Hear Now will distribute these valuable and life-changing instruments to low income hearing impaired children and adults in Dallas and across the United States.

'My career as a hearing professional is built on a desire to assist people in need,' said Dr. Price. 'I cannot think of a better way to help than providing hearing aids to those who are less fortunate. Hearing aids can dramatically improve quality of life, but some people simply cannot afford them.'

An 'average' hearing aid for a child costs approximately $950, and adults can expect to spend approximately $1,500 for a mid-level instrument, not including fitting and maintenance. The newest hearing technology, such as completely digital hearing aids, can cost more than $3,000 per instrument (that's per ear).

Treating and correcting hearing problems in children is especially important. Middle ear problems impair speech and language development in children, affecting them throughout their lives. For older patients, improved hearing leads to improved familial relationships, decreased stress levels, and increased independence.

Since founding her audiology practice in 1983, Dr. Price has donated more than 350 hearing aids and more than 200,000 hearing aid batteries to Hear Now and similar organizations.

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One of the first hearing professionals to earn the Doctor of Audiology degree, Dr. Deborah Price is consistently at the forefront of her field. She founded the Hearing Professional Center, the first freestanding hearing diagnostic center in Dallas, in 1983 to serve the diagnostic and rehabilitative needs of the hearing impaired. She is nationally recognized as an expert at fitting and dispensing hearing aids and consistently uses the most advanced hearing technology. Dr. Price travels nationwide to train other professionals in the latest technologies and procedures. In addition, Dr. Price is an experienced speaker and published author. Learn more at, or call 214/987-4114.
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