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Neuromod Devices - Your Partner for Tinnitus CTA - September 2021

FDA-Approved Lenire Tinnitus Device Now a Treatment Option for 2.9 Million US Veterans Through Veterans Affairs



  • Lenire, the first and only tinnitus treatment device of its kind approved by the FDA, is now an option for 2.9 million veterans living with tinnitus through Veterans Affairs.5
  • Lenire is the first and only bimodal neuromodulation device to be awarded a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contract from the US Government.
  • The General Services Administration Federal Supply Schedule 65 II Medical Equipment and Supply Contract will also make Lenire an option for patients receiving care through the Department of Defense (DoD), the Bureau of Prisons, Indian Health Services, and Public Health Services.

Chicago, Illinois, June 17th, 2024: Neuromod USA Inc. has been awarded a Federal Supply Schedule 65 II Medical Equipment and Supply Contract from the US Government, making the Lenire tinnitus device a treatment option for the 2.9 million US Veterans living with tinnitus5 through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The General Services Administration FSS Contract will also make Lenire an option for patients receiving care from the Department of Defense (DoD), Bureau of Prisons, Indian Health Services, and Public Health Services.

Lenire is the first bimodal neuromodulation device to receive a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contract. It can be prescribed when appropriate by a trained healthcare clinician for the treatment of tinnitus.

General Services Administration’s decision to award the FSS contract was based on Neuromod Devices’ clinical trial success, commercial sales practices, financial performance, and additional clinical capability factors.

Tinnitus, which is commonly known as “ringing in the ears,” is a complex neurological condition afflicting an estimated ten percent of all adults.4 It causes a perception of sound when there is no external source. If left untreated, tinnitus severity can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life.

Tinnitus has been the number one service-connected disability compensated for by the VA since 1955. More than 2.9 million veterans received more than $5 billion in compensation in 2023.5 Sixty-three percent of all auditory Veteran Compensation Claims were for tinnitus.5

“Tinnitus is the number one service-connected disability,” said Eric Timm, Neuromod USA CEO and Neuromod Devices President of Global Commercial Operations.

“The number of veterans with tinnitus is growing at a double-digit rate annually. Neuromod’s FSS Contract ensures that current and future veterans have access to clinically proven tinnitus treatment technology. Everyone at Neuromod is privileged to be serving our veterans by doing our part for tinnitus care.”

Lenire’s bimodal neuromodulation works by pairing specially designed tones heard through wireless headphones with mild electrical pulses that stimulate the tongue through a component called the Tonguetip®.

In March 2023, Lenire became the first tinnitus treatment device to be awarded FDA Approval through the De Novo framework. FDA Approval was granted based on the success of Lenire’s controlled large-scale clinical trial, TENT-A3.

That trial confirmed Lenire was clinically superior to sound-only stimulation. 70.5% patients with moderate or worse tinnitus who did not report clinically significant improvement in their tinnitus from six weeks of sound-only, reported clinically significant tinnitus improvement following six weeks of treatment with Lenire.3 The majority of patients with moderate or worse tinnitus who benefitted from six weeks of sound-only stimulation experienced additional benefit from a further six weeks of treatment with Lenire.3, 6

Nearly 89 percent of clinical trial participants would recommend Lenire to treat tinnitus.6

About Neuromod Devices

Founded in 2010, Neuromod Devices is a global medical technology company with offices in Ireland, and the United States of America. Neuromod specialises in the design and development of neuromodulation technologies to address the clinical needs of underserved patient populations who live with chronic and debilitating conditions.

The lead application of Neuromod’s technology is in the field of tinnitus, where Neuromod has completed extensive clinical trials to confirm the efficacy of its non-invasive neuromodulation platform in this common disorder.

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About Lenire®

Lenire® is the first non-invasive bimodal neuromodulation tinnitus treatment device shown to soothe and relieve tinnitus in large-scale clinical trials.1,2,6

Lenire® has CE-mark certification for the treatment of tinnitus under the supervision of an appropriately qualified healthcare professional in Europe and has received a De Novo Approval Grant by the US FDA.

Further details about Lenire® including a list of providers can be found at

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