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Forensic Audiology: A Guide for the Expert Witness The First Edition


This unique book is written for audiologists who are interested in broadening their practice to include acting as an expert witness in legal cases. While audiologists may feel that their training, experience, and specialization prepares them to become an expert witness, it is critical to have an understanding of the special processes, customs, etiquette, and tactics involved in the legal profession, and how to develop a forensic audiology practice. The authors draw on their many years of experience and begin with an overview of the legal systems and the U.S. court system. The book also includes:

  • The rules of expert testimony
  • The structure of criminal and civil cases
  • The phases of discovery, deposition, and trial
  • The roles, responsibilities, and ethics involved in forensic audiology
  • How to create an impressive curriculum vitae, interact with attorneys, legal report writing, deposition and trial testimony techniques, and fee schedules

Book Details
Forensic Audiology: A Guide for the Expert Witness | Author: Robert M. Traynor, Krista B. Traynor | Published: 05/02/2024 | ISBN: 978-1-59756-411-8 

About The Authors
Robert M. Traynor, EdD, MBA, FNAP, practiced audiology and interoperative monitoring in Greeley, Colorado, treating patients of all ages for 46 years. He is a frequent lecturer domestically and has lectured internationally in over 40 countries. Dr. Traynor is an Adjunct Professor of Audiology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Salus University, and Rush University. Currently, he conducts audiology consulting and forensic audiology at Robert Traynor Audiology, LLC in Fort Collins, CO.

Krista B. Traynor, MA, RAC-Emeritus, has extensive experience in the development of clinical trial strategies and protocols for Class II and III medical devices, in addition to numerous FDA product approval submissions, EU design dossiers, technical files, and international device registrations. Ms. Traynor has held administrative positions at Resound Corporation, Otologics, LLC (now Cochlear) and Sophono, Inc. (now part of Medtronic), and established Rocky Mountain Regulatory Consulting in 1997. In 2019, she joined Robert Traynor Audiology, LLC in the forensics department as the Director of Operations, assisting in expert witness testimony for audiovestibular injury, malpractice, and product liability cases.

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