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Ally's Act, H.R. 477, a Bipartisan Bill to Require Coverage of Implantable Hearing Devices Needs Your Support!


H.R. 477, Ally’s Act, is a bicameral/bipartisan federal bill that would ensure private insurers cover medically necessary bone-anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants for children and adults, ages birth through 64 years. 

Bone anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants address unique corrective requirements for specific forms of hearing loss, and are typically the only treatment for these specific hearing losses. Hearing is critical for young children’s speech and spoken language development. Untreated hearing loss in adults is associated with significant negative consequences including poorer quality of life. Yet, these life-changing treatments for hearing loss are often denied by insurers. Ally’s Act requires that medically necessary bone-anchored hearing aids, cochlear implants, and the accompanying medical and audiological visits, are covered by private insurers to help ensure no person is left unable to hear due to insurance coverage issues.

A hearing has been requested for this bill with members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

If you believe that medically necessary, life-changing treatments for hearing loss should be covered by insurance, we need your help! 

Please ask your representative to co-sponsor this bill and ask for a hearing! Share your story, or use the following script:

Hello!  Please support House Bill 477, also known as Ally’s Act. This is a bicameral/bipartisan national level bill that would ensure private insurers cover specialized implantable hearing devices known as bone-anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants when they are medically necessary. This bill would help children and adults, from birth to age 64 years, to have better access to life-changing treatment, allowing them to fully participate in the workplace and community.  Please review this legislation as a hearing has been requested by members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Congressman David McKinley is the original co-sponsor for this bill. Thank you!

If your representative is on the House Energy and Commerce Committee you may contact them at their office phone numbers listed below:

Frank PalloneNJ(202) 225-4671
Anna EshooCA(202) 225-8104
Kathy CastorFL(202) 225-3376
John SarbanesMD(202) 225-4016
Jerry McNerneyVT(202) 225-1947
Kurt SchraderOR(202) 225-5711
Raul RuizCA(202) 225-5330
Scott PetersCA(202) 225-0508
Debbie DingellMI(202) 225-4071
Marc VeaseyTX(202) 225-9897
Ann KusterNH(202) 225-5206
Robin KellyIL(202) 225-0773
Nanette Diaz BarraganCA(202) 225-8220
A. Donald McEachinVA(202) 225-6365
Lisa Blunt RochesterDE(202) 225-4165
Darren SotoFL(202) 225-9889
Tom O'HalleranAZ(202) 225-3361
Kathleen RiceNY(202) 225-5516
Kim SchrierWA(202) 225-7761
Lori TrahanMA(202) 225-3411
Lizzie FletcherTX(202) 225-2571
Cathy McMorris RodgersWA(202) 225-2006
Fred UptonMI(202) 225-3761
Michael BurgessTX(202) 225-7772
Steve ScaliseLA(202) 225-3015
Robert LattaOH(202) 225-6405
Brett GuthrieKY(202) 225-3501
Adam KinzingerIL(202) 225-3635
H. Morgan GriffithVA(202) 225-3861
Gus BilirakisFL(202) 225-5755
Bill JohnsonOH(202) 225-5705
Billy LongMO(202)225-6536
Larry BuchsonIN(202) 225-4636
Markwayne MullinOK(202) 225-2701
Richard HudsonNC(202) 225-3715
Tim WalbergMI(202) 225-6276
Earl CarterGA(202) 225-5831
Jeff DuncanSC(202) 225-5301
Gary PalmerAL(202) 225-4921
Neal DunnFL(202) 225-5235
John CurtisUT(202) 225-7751
Debbie LeskoAZ(202) 225-4576
Greg PenceIN(202) 225-3021
Dan CrenshawTX(202) 225-6565
John JoycePA(202) 225-2431
Kelly ArmstrongND(202) 225-2611


For more information about Ally's Act, please read the press release from Congressman Joe Neguse, watch this video from CBS Denver, visit Ear Community at, or email 

Thank you so much for your continued support of Ally's Act, H.R. 477!

Source: Ear Community


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