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HearPO's National Managed Care Summit

Ranked One of the 'Most Valuable Meetings Ever' by Attendees

Chicago, Illinois--
April 18, 2001 marked the close of the hearing industry's first ever Managed Care Summit, sponsored by HearPO, GN ReSound, SONIC Innovations, Rexton, and Sonus. Over 250 hearing professionals attended three days of intensive seminars presented by experts in the managed care arena.

Topics ranging from the intricate relationships between physicians, audiologists, and hearing instrument dispensers to how to correctly bill, code and collect for hearing services, created considerable enthusiasm for attendees. 'This has been one of the most valuable meetings I have ever attended in 18 years,' remarked J. Baggett-Strehlau, owner of Audiology & Hearing Health in Nashville, TN. 'I feel like I could go home from here... and still be ahead of the curve.' 'It gives us a great concept of what to look for in the future,' noted another participant. Susan Parr, owner of Parr's Pro Hearing in Huntington, Pennsylvania noted, 'The entire Managed Care Summit was a very valuable use of my time. This event was well organized with excellent presentation from knowledgeable speakers on managed care and its effect on hearing healthcare.'

Kathy A. Foltner, President of HearPO, commented, 'Having an opportunity to interact one-on-one with hundreds of fellow hearing professionals reinforces HearPO's strong dedication to our goal of bringing patients together with the best providers in the country through managed care contracts.' Foltner continued, 'Hearing professionals want to learn how to make the most of managed care contracts and create opportunities for physician referrals in their communities--the very reason we created the Managed Care Summit.'

'The enthusiasm shown by Summit participants speaks to the dedication people have to their profession and their desire to learn what it takes to be successful,' Foltner added. 'And the support we received from our manufacturing partners and sponsors makes a strong statement about both HearPO's and Sonus' professional relationships and the endorsement we have in our efforts to make a positive change in the hearing industry.'

A wide variety of topics of value to the hearing care professional were presented at the Managed Care Summit: resources to help the small businessperson reduce business demands and increase profits; contracting with third party players; how the government impacts your business, business relationships and reimbursement; what is important when contracting with a government agency such as the Veteran's Administration; understanding the relationship between employers, claimants, third party administrators and the worker's compensation process; the importance of branding and partnering with vendors; and opportunities for health care professionals via web-based medical solutions.

Managed Care Summit speakers included leading industry experts including Harvey Abrams, Ph.D., Director of Audiology, Bay Pines Medical Center, Department of Veterans Affairs; Foster Carr, M.D., CEO; Kim Cavitt, M.A. CCC-A, Director of Professional Relations, HearPO; Brandon Dawson, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Sonus; Kathy Foltner, M.A. CCC-A, President, HearPO; Barry Freeman, Ph.D., Program Dean, Nova Southeastern Universtiy; Paul Martin, M.S. CCC-A, Business Development Consultant, GN ReSound; Mike Maves, M.D., MBA, President, Consumer Health Care Products Association, Former Executive Vice President, American Academy of Otolaryngology--Head & Neck Surgery; Dan Quall, M.S. CCC-A, Vice President, Sonus Network; Carsten Trads, President GN ReSound; and Margie Weinberg, Health & Safety Coordinator, Washington State Building & Construction Trades Council, Former Executive Director, Washington State Self Insurers Association.

HearPO designed the Summit to provide hearing professionals with an opportunity to learn practice-building strategies for success in the highly competitive world of managed care. Because of the Summit's success, plans are already being constructed for Managed Care Summitt 2002. For more information about Managed Care Summit 2002, contact Michele Fusco, Director of Continuing Education, Sonus at 503-225-915 x280.

Part of Speaker Panel--(left to right) Dan Quall, Carsten Trads,
Margie Weinberg, Kim Cavitt (description of positions in text of release).

Brandon Dawson addresses Summit Participants (pictured with full
speaker panel).

Paul Martin & Kathy Foltner.

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