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GSI Automation - July 2022

HLAA Invites You to Sign Letter to President Obama


36 million Americans have some form of hearing loss, yet only 20 percent receive the technology and services they need.

There are millions of people who need help managing their hearing loss - baby boomers dealing with hearing loss for the first time from noise exposure or other causes, veterans of two wars returning with hearing loss in record numbers, and people living longer and acquiring age-related hearing loss.

Everyday people with hearing loss are forced into early retirement, children with hearing loss are held back in school because they do not receive the support services they need, and people withdraw from life simply because they cannot afford a hearing aid. These injustices won't stop until hearing loss and its impact is taken seriously by the general public, policy makers and the media.

President Obama and his administration committed to improving health care delivery. Now is the time for us to speak up and ask them to improve the quality and availability of hearing health care and the economic opportunity for people with hearing loss.

Take a moment to read our letter to President Obama and join us by asking for change for Americans with hearing loss.

Brenda Battat
Executive Director

Sign Our Letter.

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