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. . . Ida Institute Challenges Hearing Care Professionals to Share Best Practices

Naerum, Denmark June 29 - The audiogram: Objective data that helps individuals understand their unique hearing loss or a bewildering series of lines and circles that confuses and frustrates? The Ida Institute invites hearing care professionals around the world to share their successful approaches to helping patients and their families understand and appreciate the implications of the simple audiogram. Best practices, unique approaches and innovative techniques will be shared on In addition, the Ida Institute will reward the best submission with an all-expense-paid trip to one of the nonprofit organization's upcoming seminars in Skodsborg, Denmark.

"On the patient journey of people with hearing loss, the audiogram can be a valuable, illuminating map that empowers patients to address their hearing loss from an informed position," says Ida Institute Director Lise Lotte Bundesen. "Through this 'open call' for best clinical practices for explaining the audiogram, we aim to stimulate knowledge sharing that will benefit both practitioners and patients."

Bundesen notes that discussion among hearing care professionals at Ida Institute seminars about the challenges associated with explaining the audiogram was the catalyst for the call for submissions. Members of the Ida Institute Advisory Board will review and select the winning submission as well as other outstanding explanations for posting on

Anyone may enter the challenge by submitting a script or description of their approach, not to exceed two type-written pages, to Sharmi Albrechtsen at Original graphic materials and photos may also be submitted with the two-page script/description. Graphics or photographs from other sources are not eligible.

Deadline for submissions is September 15, 2009. The winning submission and other explanations selected by the Advisory Board members will be posted on in late October.

About the Ida Institute

Established in 2007 with a grant from the Oticon Foundation, the Ida Institute is as a non-profit independent educational institute located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Institute seeks to foster a better understanding of the human dynamics of hearing loss from its recognition to its resolution - the patient journey. By serving as a catalyst for knowledge sharing and the development of innovative and practical tools, the Institute assists hearing care professionals in helping hearing impaired people address the physical, psychological and social challenges of hearing loss. For more information, visit
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