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Innovative Wireless Hearing Solution Available for Single Sided Deafness


People with profound sensorineural hearing loss in one ear, or single sided deafness (SSD), often present with significant communication difficulty. Problems localizing, difficulty hearing when the signal is on the side of the poorer ear, and trouble hearing in noise are common. Providing effective amplification for these patients has historically been challenging as the few options available often presented with technical and lifestyle limitations.

For CROS and BiCROS fittings without compromise, Interton offers the IQ Wireless MultiCROS™ hearing system, the most flexible solution available. A highly advanced digital hearing system featuring contralateral routing of sound (CROS) technology, the Interton IQ MultiCROS hearing system provides many advantages over traditional CROS and BiCROS systems. As the name implies, it is wireless — making it more discrete, more suitable for active lifestyles, and more convenient to fit for challenging audiometric profiles. And, almost like having two hearing systems in one, the IQ Wireless MultiCROS hearing system can be programmed as either CROS or BiCROS depending on each patient's needs! In addition to simplifying ordering and fitting, this unique feature provides the patient with security in knowing that the system can be re-programmed should his or her hearing needs change over time.

Style options include BTE to BTE, utilizing a slim housing with size 13 battery, or ITE to ITE for those preferring a custom fitting. The IQ Wireless MultiCROS hearing system also includes key performance features to help ensure patient satisfaction, such as adaptive feedback cancellation, a flexible advanced compression system, multiple listening programs, audible alerts, and more.

To assist professionals in fitting this solution, Interton has designed a Technical Brochure that includes an easy step-by-step quick fit guide, along with technical fitting tips. Interon's technical support team is also committed to providing world class service to professionals, to ensure that every Interton IQ Wireless MultiCROS hearing system delivers optimal performance to help make every fitting a success.

For more information about the Interton IQ Wireless MultiCROS hearing system, visit or the Interton Web Channel at Audiology Online. Or you can contact Interton at 800-247-4741.

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