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Inventis Maestro - July 2023

Inventis Announces the Launch of SYNAPSYS Video-scope, A New Wireless Video-Frenzel System


PADUA, Italy - May 15, 2023 – Inventis is pleased to announce the launch of Video-scope, Inventis’ new system for performing VideoNystagmoScopy (VNS) exams, which are usually the first tests performed by ENTs to patient with dizziness (e.g. BPPV).

Flexible – Wireless – Upgradable

SYNAPSYS Video-scope is a Video-Frenzel system dedicated to the observation of ocular movements, whether nystagmus is spontaneous or induced by stimulation.

The user can choose between the flexibility and unique advantages of a wireless system, or a more standard wired camera configuration. Users looking for a wireless solution can also choose between two models of goggles: Xpress mask, more reliable for intensive use and easier to clean, and Goggles Flex, more flexible and adaptable to any face shape.

SYNAPSYS Video-scope with wireless cameras mounted on Xpress mask

Figure 1. SYNAPSYS Video-scope with wireless cameras mounted on Xpress mask.

SYNAPSYS Video-scope works with Maestro software, the core of all Inventis devices which allows all patients and results to be saved in a single database. Main fearures:

  • Video recording, playback and extraction
  • Optional environmental camera
  • Second screen for displaying single eye

SYNAPSYS Video-scope module inside Maestro software: eyes movement + test environment recording

Figure 2. SYNAPSYS Video-scope module inside Maestro software: eyes movement + test environment recording.

If additional functions are required and considering the hardware is the same, SYNAPSYS Video-scope can be upgraded at any time to SYNAPSYS VNG. The Inventis video nystagmography system is ideal for a complete vestibular analysis thanks to the wide range of available tests, which includes oculomotor, bed-side, kinetic and caloric tests.

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About Inventis

Inventis is a high-tech Italian company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge devices for audiology and balance diagnostics.

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