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Inventis Maestro - July 2023

Inventis Announces a New Video Series on the Nystalyze Modular System


Padua, Italy January 10, 2024 - Nystalyze is a groundbreaking balance system that empowers healthcare professionals to treat patients with dizziness and vertigo with greater precision and efficiency.

Flexible – Wireless – Upgradable

The user can choose between the flexibility and unique advantages of a wireless system, or a more standard wired camera configuration. Users looking for a wireless solution can also choose between two models of goggles: Xpress mask, more reliable for intensive use and easier to clean, and Goggles Flex, more flexible and adaptable to any face shape.

Figure 1

Take a look at the NEW VIDEO SERIES to explore all the functions of Nystalyze:

Nystalyze is available in 3 different modules:

  • VideoScope module: a Video-Frenzel configuration;
  • SYNAPSYS VNG module Basic: it includes positional, nystagmus and caloric tests;
  • SYNAPSYS VNG module Plus: it adds to the Basic features the oculomotor tests (saccades, smooth pursuit, optokinetic and gaze).

VideoScope module

VideoScope is a Video-Frenzel system dedicated to the observation of ocular movements, whether nystagmus is spontaneous or induced by stimulation. Main features:

  • Video recording, playback and extraction;
  • Optional environmental camera;
  • Second screen for displaying single eye.

Nystagmus and positional tests

These tests are available in both the SYNAPSYS VNG modules Basic and Plus, and they can be conducted either in monocular or binocular configuration. The software offers some predefined protocols, such as Dix-Hallpike, Positional, Head-shake test, but the user can also customize the tests by uploading their own protocol.

Caloric test

This test is accessible in both SYNAPSYS VNG modules, Basic and Plus, and supports the use of either air or water irrigators. Results are presented through the Freyss butterfly diagram or the Claussen diagram. The software provides guidance for precise identification of the initiation and conclusion times for each irrigation. Additionally, the software automatically identifies the peak of the slow-phase velocity of Nystagmus for each stimulation. Users have the option to modify this peak, subsequently adjusting the Freyss butterfly diagram accordingly.

Oculomotor tests

These tests are available in the SYNAPSYS VNG module Plus. The oculomotor test battery includes Saccades, Smooth pursuit, Optokinetic, and Gaze. These tests can be performed in a monocular configuration with wired or wireless cameras or binocularly with the VISIO mask, a headset fitted with a camera which allows the acquisition and transmission of ocular movements of both eyes in a free visual field.

Kinetic module MED4

In this video, you will be instructed on performing rotational examinations utilizing the SYNAPSYS MED4 electronic chair under the control of our SYNAPSYS VNG module. The combination of the electronic chair and Nystalyze with a wireless camera allows for stable and uniform stimulation, facilitated by its precision of movement, a capability unattainable with a mechanical chair.

Installation and configuration

This video guides you through the concise setup of the wireless system, configuration of the VideoScope and SYNAPSYS VNG modules, and the calibration process. Calibration, a recommended preliminary step at the test outset after pupil centering within the ROI, ensures precise results. Three calibration options include statistical calibration (default), geometric calibration (recommended in the absence of oculomotor tests), and visual calibration (activated with oculomotor tests).

Make yourself comfortable!

Go to the website, scroll down the page, click on YouTube and… enjoy the show!

About Inventis

Inventis is a high-tech Italian company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge devices for audiology and balance diagnostics.

Despite its young age, Inventis offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios on the market, including audiometers, middle ear analyzers, solutions for hearing aid fitting, and balance diagnostics.

Inventis is currently represented in more than 60 countries in the world with a direct presence or with solid and committed local distributors.

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