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Inventis - June 2023

Experience a Revolutionary New Feature with Our Latest Software Update, Maestro 1.22.1: The Live Chat Support!


Florida, USA – September 11, 2023 – We are thrilled to announce an exciting update for our software! As part of our commitment to providing exceptional service and support, we are introducing a new feature that allows you to contact us directly via chat in Maestro!

We understand that quick and convenient communication is essential for your operations. With our latest software update, Maestro 1.22.1, you gain instant access to our dedicated chat support, where our team of experts is ready to assist you with any questions, concerns, or technical issues you may encounter.

Maestro Chat Service allows users to directly contact Inventis support assistance within Maestro main interface. Do you have any questions about a specific feature or can't locate a particular option? Chat with us! Our customer care team is here to assist you and provide all the necessary details!

Figure 1

Figure 1. Click on the “NEED HELP ?” button in Maestro and start chatting with our customer care. You'll receive all the answers to your questions in real time.

Through our live chat feature, clients can experience instant assistance, immediate answers, and personalized support that's customized to their requirements.

This live chat service will be accessible from the new Maestro software version onward. To make the most of this valuable resource, just update to the latest Maestro version. Updating the software is as easy as downloading the latest release from My Inventis.

We are confident that this new chat support feature will significantly elevate the support quality we can provide to you.

About Inventis

Inventis is a high-tech Italian company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge devices for audiology and balance diagnostics.

Despite the young age, Inventis offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios on the market, including audiometers, middle ear analyzers, solutions for hearing aid fitting, and balance diagnostics.

Inventis is currently represented in more than 60 countries in the world with a direct presence or with solid and committed local distributors.

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