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Inventis Maestro - July 2023

Inventis Unveils the Next Generation of Cello Audiometer – Introducing Cello Evolution!


Florida, USA – February 19, 2024 – Get ready for a groundbreaking announcement as we proudly introduce the revamped Cello audiometer, complete with an innovative hardware design and a host of cutting-edge software features. Say hello to Cello Evolution!

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The new Cello maintains its familiar identity (retaining reference code 10558), yet undergoes a visual transformation through the incorporation of fresh plastics and a redesigned rear panel, catering to the introduction of 2 pivotal enhancements:

    The new Cello offers users the ability to employ 2 distinct types of reinforcement techniques.

Firstly, it features three LCD displays capable of rendering images and animations transmitted from the Maestro software. Additionally, it supports the connection of up to three animated toys, which are linked to Cello's rear panel and can be seamlessly controlled via the Maestro interface.

A complete pediatric system at your fingertips!


With the advent of the assistant monitor, a second operator can now work in tandem with the primary operator during testing procedures. This innovative feature empowers the second operator to not only audibly monitor the stimuli being delivered to the patient but also engage in real-time communication with the primary operator conducting the examination. This collaborative approach enhances the overall efficiency and precision of the testing process.


The stimulus channel (ch1) and the masking channel (ch2) become symmetrical.

The operator can now select the stimulus to be sent to the patient even from the masking channel choosing between Pure tone and Warble tone.


The software will allow the upper limit for the AUD - Speech signal (INT/EXT/USB/MIC) with Cello, settable up to 110 dB HL for AC or AC-INS output types. It effectively manages 110 dB HL as the maximum limit for speech audiometry.

Update Your Maestro Software to Version 1.23.1: to ensure seamless compatibility and access to all the latest capabilities, we strongly recommend updating your Maestro software to the most recent version. Download it from

And what makes Cello truly sing? The Maestro Control Panel – your sidekick for enhancing software usability and seamlessly navigating the world of audiometric exams. Elevate your practice with Cello and Maestro, where precision meets ease!

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Discover Inventis – Your Gateway to High-Tech Audiology and Balance Innovation!

Inventis, a trailblazing Italian tech firm, is at the forefront of designing and crafting state-of-the-art devices for audiology and balance diagnostics. Despite our youthful vigor, Inventis proudly boasts one of the most extensive portfolios in the industry, featuring cutting-edge audiometers, middle ear analyzers, solutions for hearing aid fitting, and advanced balance diagnostics.

With a global reach spanning over 60 countries, we're making waves worldwide. Whether through our direct presence or in collaboration with dedicated local distributors, Inventis is making a lasting impact in the realm of audiology and beyond.

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