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Katrina and Hearing Healthcare Relief Efforts


Hurricane Katrina has devastated the areas of the Gulf Coast and I am especially encouraged by the response from our profession in these relief efforts including individual support, private practice assistance, academic support, and manufacturer donations.

So that Audiology Online can play a very small part in this relief effort, below is a list of programs that are helping in the areas of hearing health care. We are hoping that through the dissemination of this information these programs can reach their full potential.

If you know of a program within our industry to assist with relief efforts, please contact me so that I can add to this list and keep the information updated. We will be maintaining this information with access via the home page for the next several months.

Professionals from the Gulf Area displaced by Katrina
If you are an Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist from the Gulf Area and looking for a new job opportunity due to Katrina, I would be happy to post your contact information below.

On a personal note - the Audiology Online team is particularly grateful that three of our employees and their families directly affected by the hurricane are safe and unharmed. Lionel Meynard (Mandeville, LA), Kim Pate (Ocean Springs, MS), and Anne Fisher (Baton Rouge, LA) and their families are doing well. Thank you to everyone who has kept them in your thoughts and prayers.

Paul D. Dybala, Ph.D., Audiologist
President and Editor-in-Chief
Audiology Online

Find out more information below:

  • Martin Audiology - 10/13/05 - TX - Hearing care services for Waco, Temple and Killeen through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.
  • Houston Speech and Hearing Clinic - 10/13/05 - TX - Hearing care services at no charge
  • Siemens - 10/6/05 - NJ - Donating Nearly $3 Million to Hurricane Relief Efforts
  • Hearing Care of Palatine - 9/28/05 - LA/MS/AL - Availability of GSI 16 Audiometer
  • ASHA - 9/15/05 - US - Helping to coordinate rehab professionals to find services for hurricane victims. Needs assistance in locating centers offering assistance
  • Academy of Dispensing Audiologists - US - 9/15/05 - Working to match displaced audiologists with new employment opportunities
  • Lions Hearing Foundation of Southern California - US - 9/15/05 - Loaner BTE hearing aids available for professionals to provide to Katrina victims
  • Purdue University Students - IN - 9/14/05 - Benefit concert and collecting hearing aid batteries.
  • Hearing Care Center - LA - 9/13/05 - Free replacement hearing aids based on need
  • HIA - LA/MS/AL - 9/13/05 - Support of SHHH Hear2Care program
  • GN Resound - 9/12/05 - LA/MS/AL - Offers assistance to professionals to relocate or rebuild in LA/MS/AL including help with test equipment. Donation progam for GNR accounts
  • Lamar University - 9/12/05 - TX - Free hearing evaluation and access to replacement hearing aids for victims.
  • Leigh Anne Norman - 9/9/05 - LA - Collecting hearing aid batteries for victims
  • Gina Perrone - 9/9/05 - DE/MD/PA/NJ - Donation of professional services for replacing hearing aids of victims
  • Bartels & Associates - 9/9/05 - LA - FEMA provider for repair replacement of hearing aids for victims
  • Magnolia Speech School - 9/9/05 - MA - CI mappings and services for children
  • SFASU 9/9/05 - TX - Red Cross registrant to provide audiological aid for victims
  • Hearing Solutions - 9/9/05 - GA - Cobb County Senior Svs to assist with repair or replacement of hearing aids for victims
  • Associated Audiologists Inc - 9/9/05 - KS - Free evaluation and help in replacing lost hearing aids for victims
  • The Communication Clubhouse - 9/8/05 - IL - Aural rehabilitation for children
  • Starkey Texas & Omni Hearing Systems - 9/8/05 - TX - Audiologists and HIS needed in Dallas, Austin, Houston to help with hearing testing of victims
  • Callier Center / UTD - 9/8/05 - TX - Free hearing evaluation and replacement hearing aids for victims.
  • Cochlear Corporation - 9/8/05 - CO - Donation of batteries for CI
  • Advanced Bionics / Boston Scientific - 9/8/05 - CA - Charging equipment for CI batteries and donation of $500,000 to Red Cross
  • John Tracy Clinic - 9/8/05 - CA - Free correspondence course for families worldwide; audiological services in Los Angeles area
  • TDI - 9/8/05 - MD - Free online information sheets on emergency preparedness that address the specific needs of persons who are HOH or deaf
  • American Academy of Audiology / Texas Academy of Audiology / SHHH - 9/8/05 - TX - Coordination of mobile units to test hearing aids and fit replacement hearing aids on hurricane victims
  • Gallaudet University - 9/8/05 - DC - Taking in HOH and deaf students who were displaced by the hurricane
  • National SHHH - 9/8/05 - LA/MA/AL - Aid to hurricane victims to help with evaluation and replacement of lost hearing devices
  • Texas School for the Deaf - 9/8/05 - TX - Accepting HOH or deaf students displaced by the hurricane
  • Louisiana School for the Deaf - 9/8/05 - LA - Monetary donations are needed to aid this school for the deaf
  • Phonak - 9/7/05 - IL - Working with SHHH program to provide replacement hearing aids for hurricane victims
  • Starkey - 9/7/05 - MN - Donating $40 million dollars to hurricane relief
  • AUDiTec - 9/6/05 - MO - Replacement of recorded hearing test materials or printed materials for professionals in hurricane areas at a reduced cost
  • Oticon - 9/6/05 - NJ - Match donations made to the American Red Cross through October 15th, 2005, also contributing a dollar for every hearing aid order
  • ASHA - 9/2/05 - MD - Providing resources to help displaced students connect with outreach programs and a member-to-member exchange for professionals to connect and help one another

Martin Audiology - Posted 10/13/2005
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We are currently working with hurricane victims in the central Texas area in our offices in Waco, Temple, and Killeen as a provider through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Please call 254-772-7253. Thank you, Melody Martin, Ph.D., Au.D.

Houston Speech and Hearing Clinic - Hearing Care Services at No Charge - Posted 10/13/2005
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The Houston Speech and Hearing Clinic at the University of Houston will offer hearing care services to evacuees at no charge. We will supply hearing aids to individuals based on the need and the situation. We will also work with hearing aid manufacturers who have offered to donate, replace or repair hearing aids. Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment at (713) 743-2898.

Siemens Donates Nearly $3 Million to Hurricane Relief Efforts - Posted 10/6/2005
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Company Also Sending Power, Medical, Water And
Telecommunications Equipment

PISCATAWAY, NJ, September 29, 2005 - Siemens Hearing Instruments employees, in conjunction with Siemens 70,000 U.S. employees, have so far collectively donated $ 1.4 million to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to aid hurricane victims in the south. Siemens is matching those donations dollar-for-dollar, providing nearly $3 million for provisions of shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those individuals in need.

"Since Hurricane Katrina struck the U.S. Gulf Coast in last August, we have been working closely with Siemens and all of its business units to help assist with the relief effort and rebuild the communities in the south," said William Lankenau, president and chief executive officer, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. "The devastation in these areas is heartbreaking, and our thoughts are with those struggling in the aftermath of this disaster. I'm so proud of the way our employees are rallying together to do what we can to help."

In addition, Siemens has established a program to offer replacement hearing instruments for those individuals in need. Siemens is working with Hearing Care Professionals to coordinate testing, fitting and programming services. Hearing Care Professionals partnering with Siemens receive specific information regarding the process for obtaining the replacement hearing instruments. Hearing Care Professionals willing to donate their services or to learn more about the process should contact a Siemens Sales Representative at (800) 766 - 4500 or by emailing

Siemens is also helping rebuild critical infrastructure by supplying equipment and power generators to hospitals in Houston and Louisiana, telecommunications equipment to emergency centers and key hubs and USFilter water treatment equipment to the Gulf Coast areas. The company is sending heart monitors and imaging equipment to Houston area hospitals. Additionally, Siemens is working with the Red Cross and FEMA to determine what other products, services and manpower is needed to assist with the relief efforts.

About Siemens Hearing Instruments
Siemens Hearing Instruments, part of Siemens Medical Solutions, is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids in the United States. Headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, the Company offers a range of innovative products, solutions and services to Hearing Care Professionals across the United States. Among its innovative products, the Company designs and manufactures a variety of digital hearing aids in all styles to improve the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss. Visit for more information.

About Siemens AG
Siemens AG (NYSE:SI) is one of the largest global electronics and engineering companies with reported worldwide sales of $91.5 billion in fiscal 2004. Founded more than 155 years ago, the company is a leader in the areas of Medical, Power, Automation and Control, Transportation, Information and Communications, Lighting, Building Technologies, Water Technologies and Services and Home Appliances. With its U.S. corporate headquarters in New York City, Siemens in the USA has sales of $16.6 billion and employs 70,000 people throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Thirteen of Siemens' worldwide businesses are based in the United States. With its global headquarters in Munich, Siemens AG and its subsidiaries employ 440,000 people in 190 countries. For more information on Siemens in the United States:

Hearing Care of Palatine - Posted 9/28/2005
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GSI-16 Audiometer - Available for Gulf Coast office affected by Katrina or Rita

Recently taken out of service, but a workhorse. Replacement parts are NOT available for this instrument.

Regina Dziewior
Hearing Care of Palatine, Inc.
305 East Northwest Highway
Palatine, IL 60067
Telephone: 847-358-2896
Fax: 847-358-5896

ASHA - Posted 9/19/2005 -
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Message from ASHA to Members Affected by Hurricane Katrina

ASHA participated in a conference call on Sept. 16 to determine how rehabilitation associations (including AOTA, APTA, and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) can assist in coordinating volunteer efforts to provide rehabilitation services to individuals affected by Hurricane Katrina. The call was organized by Dr. Mark Young, who published an appeal for rehab volunteers in ADVANCE magazine and received an outpouring of responses from all professions.

A first goal is to identify specific locations (shelters, health care facilities, etc.) where short term volunteer rehab services are needed. Please contact Janet Brown ( ) or Pam Mason ( if you can provide contact information for individuals at locations where volunteer services can be directed.

Academy of Dispensing Audiologists - Posted 9/15/2005 -
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The Academy of Dispensing Audiologists has set up a Katrina Relief page as a resource for anyone affected by the recent tropical storms. Members of ADA may also log into the forum to offer member-to-member assistance."

Lions Hearing Foundation of Southern California - Posted 9/15/2005
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The Lions Hearing Foundation of Southern California is making available our stock of working BTE hearing aids as loaners for hearing impaired Katrina victims.

The hearing aids will be sent to hearing care professionals who are donating their time and skills to assist those folks. The hearing aids will be provided at no cost and of course are not to be sold.

Any hearing professional can contact me by email ( and describe the recipient and their hearing needs. We will try our best to find a reasonable match. If a specific make or model is needed, please specify as we may have it in our stock.

The individual dispensing the aid must arrange for the earmold as we do not provide that. All local dispensing laws must be followed. We cannot be responsible for the upkeep or maintenance of the hearing aids. These aids are loaners and we would like them back when they are no longer needed.

Any personal history is appreciated so that it can be shared with the Lions Club.

Purdue University Students - Posted 9/14/2005
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Students at Purdue in Speech, Language and Hearning Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Health Sciences are arranging a KATRINA LIVE AID CONCERT for Oct. 2nd 2005 to be held at the Slayter Hill Ampitheatre on Purdue's Campus in West Lafayette, IN.

The student organizations involved in the initial planning of this event are the Purdue Student Nursing Organization (Trista Anderson, chair of the Live Aid Event), The Purdue Audiology Student Organization and NSSLHA (Kyle Acker, Jessica Daw, and Abby Gustus) The Pharmacy Student Organization (Aaron Craft), the Health Sciences Students Organization, The Purdue Nursing Students Without Borders Organization, Hotel and Tourism Management (Chris Novak) and Cajun Connection Restaurant(Matt Ferguson, who has family in the region). The students had a call out of interested students at the Physics building last night and between 50 and 100 students from a variety of departments across campus were in attendance. They now have 7 bands committed representing genre's from rock, to reggae, to rhythm and blues etc.

There should be something for everyone. Cajun Connection, a local restaurant, is donating most of the food for the event and now other restaurants and corporations are joining in contributing as well. Freckles Graphics has donated T-shirts which will be for sale prior to and during the event. Reverend Jacob Williams from the Trinity Methodist Church, who has spoken at Purdue Graduations, will give the invocation for the event. We will be sending out donation information soon! Please help in any way you can. The money will primarily benefit our adopted community in the affected area.. The community that we will be working with now and in the future will be identified by the Red Cross soon. One of the more immediate activities planned is a bus trip to the adopted area taking students and supplies offering immuniziations, first aid, caring and even batteries for hearing aids. Individuals wishing to donate their time and go down to the affected area should contact Dr. Julie Novak (Head of Nursing Dept. at Purdue) at 765-494-4005 for details. If you wish to donate money for the event or are interested in sponsorship, please contact Kyle Acker President - Purdue Audiology Student Organization - or 765-495-5004 for further information.

On top of the benefit concert that we are organizing, we are looking for donations of hearing aid batteries. We will be sending these down on our trip as well as sending them to the affected areas. One of the needs that the Red Cross has identified has been hearing aid batteries. If you are interested in donating hearing aid batteries, please contact Kyle Acker President - Purdue Audiology Student Organization - or 765-495-5004

Hearing Care Center - Posted 9/13/2005 -
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Dr. Cliff Istre DBA Hearing Care Center now offers qualified individuals free replacement hearing aids in the Covington and Mandeville Louisiana area. Many of these services are free and/or discounted according to their need.
Please call Cliff Istre at 985-845-3509 and visit our website at

HIA - Posted 9/13/2005 -
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In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, individuals and businesses throughout the country have given generously of time, supplies, money and other aid to individuals and families throughout the affected area. HIA, for its part, has committed a connection to its members for SHHH and that organization's program to get hearing help to individuals throughout the Gulf Coast region.

For HIA members that would like to provide assistance to SHHH efforts, which are currently being delivered through SHHH chapters, visit for details on the program and contact SHHH Executive Director Terry Portis at Thank you, in advance, for any assistance that you provide, and please advise HIA so that we can track our industry's support.

GN ReSound - Posted 9/12/2005 -
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Dear GN ReSound Customer:
I have spent much of my time the past week watching the devastating reports of Hurricane Katrina's aftermath. Many of our colleagues, friends and family have been directly impacted by this awful tragedy. The reason for my letter is to let each of you know we are here to help. Each affected individual will have unique needs as they choose the future of their career and business practice. We don't presume to know what specific assistance would be most helpful to you but we would like to offer the following options:

We have successfully helped a handful of our customers relocate in different cities to re-build their lives and continue their careers. We would like to continue that process for as many people as possible. If you have been affected by the storm, or would like to offer employment opportunities to those who have, please contact us as or call your Inside Sales Representative at 1-800-248-4327. We will do everything in our power to facilitate connections.

We realize that, for many reasons, some of those affected by Katrina cannot re-locate to other areas. For those of you in this situation, we would like to assist in re-building your practice. I will be traveling to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana the week of October 3rd and would like to arrange meetings with those of you who choose to re-build. As you probably know, GN owns GN Otometrics, which gives us access to the instrumentation and accessories essential to reestablishing your office. We can also provide financial aid to restore your business and begin to provide your patients with the care they need.

GN Resound has established a fund for our employees to make donations to the Red Cross. Those of you in our Rewards Program can redeem points for similar donations to the Red Cross. Please contact your Inside Sales Representative at 1-800-248-4327 and they will assist you with the point redemption process.

Finally, I would like you to know that I have many friends in the affected area and have heard from most, but not all of them. Similarly, we have no way to contact some of our colleagues for the simple reason that their previous business address no longer physically exists. If any of you have street addresses, alternate e-mail addresses, or phone numbers of affected individuals I encourage you to pass this letter and message along and have them contact us at to let us know how we can help.

Richard Jackson
President, GN ReSound USA

Lamar University - Posted 9/12/2005
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Lamar University has been contacted by various agencies in the area asking for our support. As a faculty, we have decided to offer our services to evacuees at no charge. This only includes our services, not products. The area Lion's club has a Hearing Aid Reclamation Project that we service. They have agreed to supply hearing aids to some individuals based on need and the situation. Some hearing aid manufacturers have offered to replaced lost or damaged hearing aids and we will work with them as well. The Texas Department of Health has asked that we help them also serve these people. We have agreed to provide services to all of the above at no cost. We have a fully functioning speech and hearing clinic and are available to assist with hearing aid and cochlear implant "concerns". Please contact the clinic receptionist at 409-880-8171 for more information.

Leigh Anne Norman - Posted 9/9/2005
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If anyone can spare hearing aid batteries of any size, I am collecting them for individuals hit by the hurricane. I have already mailed out batteries to Alabama, Texas, South Louisiana, and other areas. By collecting batteries, these individuals can use their resources on other essentials. Any number and/or size that you can send me would be a great help! Thank you!

Leigh Anne Norman, Audiologist
Willis Knighton Health System
2514 Bert Kouns, Suite 4
Shreveport, LA 71118

Gina Perrone - Posted 9/9/2005
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I would like to donate my services for replacing any hearing aids lost by doing the testing and fitting anywhere in the DE/MD/PA/NJ area for people relocated here. I am licensed in all 4 states and portability with an audiometer, Frye Test Box, computer, and tool kit. I am also a member of AUDIENT, the Lions Club International Organization, which specializes in giving hearing aids to people who cannot afford them; this is done thru Oticon. Thanks. Gina Perrone, BC-HIS, ACA - 302-229-6883

Bartels & Associates, Inc. - Posted 9/9/2005
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Bartels & Associates, Inc. has made application to be a FEMA provider. We are located northwest of New Orleans. We can service Covington, Louisiana and all of the gulf coast if they are in need of repair, replacement, assistive listening devices, etc. The official listing in the yellow pages is Bartels Center for Hearing & Balance - 985 419 8080

Magnolia Speech School - Posted 9/9/2005
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Magnolia Speech School, an Auditory Oral School in Jackson MS, is available for cochlear implant mappings for Cochlear Americas and Advanced Bionics devices, as well as other audiological services. We also have openings in our auditory-oral program and we offer free audiological services, therapy, and parent training for deaf children under the age of three in the state of Mississippi through our parent infant program. For more information call 601-922-5530 Alicia Swann, MCD, CCC-A Pediatric Audiologist

SFASU - Posted 9/9/2005
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Frank Brister, Ph.D., FAAA, CCCA, SFASU, Nacogdoches, Texas (East Texas) is registered with the American Red Cross to provide audiological aid for Hurrican vicitms. Persons qualified by the Red Cross can contact him at 2100 N. Raguet St., Suite 205, Human Services Bld., Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas 75962, Office phone: 963 468-1330, Email:

Hearing Solutions - Posted 9/8/2005
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Hearing Solutions (Marietta, GA) has contacted the Cobb County Senior Services director to assist any seniors who have lost hearing aids or who have hearing aids in need of repair. We have arranged free repairs and replacements. We are also donating batteries. - Contact Donna Leach, Au.D., Owner - Hearing Solutions 1690 Powder Springs Rd., Suite 208, Marietta GA 30064, 770-425-1095

Associated Audiologists Inc - Posted 9/9/2005
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Associated Audiologists Inc is a private practive with three Kansas City area locations. We would like to offer courtesy diagnostic services and help with obtaining hearing aids to those evacuated from the South to our area. James Wise Ph.D. Prairie Village, KS 913-262-5855 Overland Park, KS 913-498-2827 Olathe, KS 913-829-0891

The Communication Clubhouse - Posted 9/8/2005
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The Communication Clubhouse, Inc. (Downers Grove, IL) is a center which services a number of deaf/hard of hearing children. If there are any families who are temporarily residing in the suburbs of Chicago during this recovery, the Clubhouse will gladly supply aural habilitation services for these children. We can be reached via email or via phone. We are skilled in auditory oral, sign, cued speech and have extensive experience working with children with cochlear implants. Please don't hesitate to call. (630) 495-6800

Starkey Texas & Omni Hearing Systems - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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To Austin, Houston and Dallas Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers,

I know there are so many people wanting to assist the Hurricane Katrina evacuees. What a wonderful opportunity for our profession to be able to utilize the skills we all have to help others in need!

I wanted to share with all of you who are in the Austin or Houston area a way to help out with direct service, either personally or by passing along to others.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation through Starkey Southwest (Austin facility) has set up and is already staffing two booths for the next couple of weeks, specifically in the Convention Center in Austin and the Astrodome in Houston.

Please know that you can direct anyone needing hearing aids and assistance with hearing aids to one of these two locations and they will be helped. We have onsite testing and impression taking at both of these locations, and will be servicing and building hearing aids for those who need them.

We could use any volunteers who would like to help with hearing testing here in Austin, so please feel free to contact via e-mail Kathy Saucedo Newbill,, or myself,, or give us a call. Locally, our number is (512) 389-2730 or toll free (800) 323-0262.

We are currently filling a weekend schedule for these tests.

Since Dallas has been so efficient in helping people in individual offices and shelters, very few have been going to Reunion Arena, I'm told, compared to Houston and Austin. The Omni facility in Dallas is ready and available to see those in the Dallas area needing hearing aids. Omni's number is (800) 527-0872.

Please let me know if you have any questions, Thank you!!

Janet Krueger, Audiologist, Starkey Texas

Callier Center / UTD - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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The Callier Center for Communication Disorders at the University of Texas at Dallas, 1966 Inwood Rd., Dallas, Texas 75235, (214-905-3036) will provide free hearing evaluations and free "used" hearing aids or new hearing aids, if obtainable at no charge from manufacturers, for all Katrina evacuees in the North Texas area, upon certification of evacuee status by area authorities.

Cochlear Corporation - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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DENVER- September 8, 2005 - Cochlear Americas is reaching out to victims of Hurricane Katrina by donating batteries for cochlear implant sound processors. The company also is showing support during this terrible tragedy by matching donations made by Cochlear employees and customers to organizations assisting with providing basic life necessities to these victims.

Cochlear Americas also is working with audiology clinics to coordinate programming services for those displaced by the hurricane.

Cochlear Americas is inviting cochlear implant wearers affected by Hurricane Katrina to call 800-458-4999 to receive a three-month supply of batteries. Wearers will be asked to provide the serial number from their sound processor along with their name and an address where they can receive the batteries. The company is also working with the national Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) to provide 3,000 batteries for distribution through SHHH's support network, Hear2Care.

"To people who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants, being without batteries is like being cut off from the world," says Chris Smith, President of Cochlear Americas. "Of course, first concerns for the victims are life sustaining supplies and safety, but we are doing everything we can think of to help. We know how important these batteries are to those who depend on them to communicate."

About Cochlear Implants
Cochlear implants are a technological miracle for adults and children with severe to profound hearing loss. Cochlear implants provide useful hearing and improved communication abilities to those who receive little or no benefit from hearing aids. They are the only medical device designed to restore one of the five key senses.

About Cochlear™ Americas
Since launching the world's first cochlear implant system more than 20 years ago, Cochlear Limited and its US headquarters, Cochlear Americas, have brought the miracle of sound to more than 65,000 hearing-impaired individuals across the globe. Cochlear's state-of-the-art technologies, based on extensive research and development at preeminent academic institutions, restore the ability to hear sound and understand speech - enhancing both learning capabilities and quality of life for those with severe to profound hearing loss. Cochlear's promise "Hear Now. And Always" reflects its dedication to durability and service. For more information about Cochlear's products, and Cochlear's hurricane relief efforts, call 800-458-4999 or visit

Advanced Bionics / Boston Scientific - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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Advanced Bionics - Cochlear Implant Customers

Katrina has dealt a devastating blow to our friends, family, coworkers and customers in the South. Advanced Bionics employees are saddened by the devastation and loss. Further, we are concerned about the power needs of our Clarion and HiResolution Bionic Ear system users and want to ensure that they are able to stay "on-the-air." For those patients or clinics in the impacted area, Advanced Bionics will do what we can to assist. Temporary power solutions, car chargers or replacement charging units are available to those who do not have power or their charging equipment.

For anyone who has been affected by Hurricane Katrina and has relocated to Raleigh North Carolina area, The University of North Carolina has offered to assist patients in any way possible. Please contact Carolyn Brown at the North Carolina Children's Communication Disorders Program at 919-419-1409 for more information.

For assistance, contact Customer Service:
800-678-2575 ext. 2101 (V), 800-678-3575 (TTY), 661-362-1518 (Fax)


Natick, MA (September 1, 2005) - Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE: BSX) today announced that it is donating $500,000 to the American Red Cross to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. The money is being directed to the Red Cross' Disaster Relief Fund.

"The employees of Boston Scientific are greatly saddened by the physical devastation and human suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina," said Jim Tobin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boston Scientific. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been impacted by this catastrophic storm, especially those who have lost family members or loved ones. We hope our donation brings some measure of relief to the people of the Gulf Coast whose lives have been ravaged by this terrible disaster."

Boston Scientific is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices whose products are used in a broad range of interventional medical specialties. Advanced Bionics was acquired by Boston Scientific, a world leader in minimally invasive medical technology, in June 2004. For more information, please visit:

John Tracy Clinic - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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Parents of young children with hearing loss may be directed to John Tracy Clinic for the free educational materials in our correspondence course -- they can download materials online if they have access to a computer, or they can change their mailing address with us as often as they need to by using our 800 number. If they relocate to the Greater Los Angeles Area, we can provide audiological and emotional support and connections with other parents, as well as assistance in locating hearing aid providers and other early intervention professionals.

Please be sure to ask for the correspondance course when you call.

Christine Gilmore Eubanks, Ph.D.
Director of Audiology
John Tracy Clinic
806 W. Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90007

213-748-5481 213-749-1651 (FAX)
Parent line: 800-522-4582

TDI - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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Telecommunications for the Deaf Inc. (TDI)

TDI provides information sheets that are helpful with emergency preparedness and provide specific advice for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.

American Academy of Audiology / Texas Academy of Audiology / SHHH - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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Dear Colleagues:

As I mentioned in several communications last week, the American Academy of Audiology has been working on many fronts in the hurricane relief efforts. Due to the generosity of those on this list and ongoing requests to provide help, I am posting additional information here first to ask for additional assistance.

The Academy will be working in conjunction with Self Help for Hard of Hearing (SHHH) and Texas Academy of Audiology to kick off "phase one" of hurricane relief efforts targeted at people with hearing loss. We will be setting up mobile units in a number of Texas cities that are housing those displaced by the hurricane in order to address audiologic needs, including repairs of hearing aids and facilitating provision of new hearing aids to those that lost their aids. At this time, we need the following:

Audiologists who can volunteer in major cities housing those that are displaced: If you are an audiologist in Texas and are willing to volunteer, please contact Phil Allred, President of the Texas American Academy of Audiology, at Phil and the Board of the Texas Academy will coordinate the volunteer efforts.

Mobile units. If you have access to a mobile audiology unit in Texas and can volunteer this unit for use in these efforts, please let Phil know.

Materials: We are working with corporate partners to obtain donations of materials, etc. Since so many of you have asked what you might do to help, we wanted to share these types of opportunities to individual audiologists, also. If you are able to donate cases of batteries, ear impression material, instamold, functioning assistive devices, etc., please contact me off list at A storage and staging area is available for receipt of these materials and I am happy to provide information to you regarding mailing them to this site.

As you know from this list, Phonak has generously offered to provide replacement hearing aids for those in need. There is a process in place to assure that those with actual need of REPLACEMENT instruments are addressed. The audiologists that are working in this effort will be provided specific information regarding how to access these hearing aids and the process for obtaining them.

At this point, there are many unknowns. From talking with several sources, it appears that those housed in shelters in TX will be there for an extended period of time. As many of you know, those displaced by the hurricane are also being relocated throughout the country...San Diego, Columbus, name a few cities. If you would be interested and able to volunteer to provide audiology services to those relocating to your area, please e-mail me off list. We will post a list of those audiologists on the Academy website, so that over the next weeks and months, hurricane survivors throughout the country will be able to access audiology services that they may need. The expectation is that these services would be offered as free of charge to those hurricane survivors seeking services, including fitting of donated hearing instruments.

Clearly, the effort ahead will take many months and currently, most of the survivors are seeking food and shelter. Once those needs are met (and thanks to the many contributions documented on this list, audiologists have also contributed to those needs), we want to be ready to address audiologic needs. I appreciate your willingness to help and will update you on additional efforts as they unfold. Feel free to pass this message on to other audiologists who may be interested in helping. We will be publicizing these efforts through other avenues over the next few days.


Gail M. Whitelaw, Ph.D.
American Academy of Audiology

Gallaudet University - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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Gallaudet Responds to Hurricane Katrina Tragedy

A message from I. King Jordan, President, Jane K. Fernandes, Provost, Paul Kelly, Vice President, and members of the Crisis Management Team
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The Gallaudet University community was shocked and saddened at the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina to the citizens of the Gulf States. The continuing tragedy in the south points to a very significant fault line in American society. We recall the significant reflection that took place on campus as a result of the September 11 terrorist attacks, and we believe the same level of reflection should be brought to bear in response to the current national tragedy. As we watch events unfold before us on television, in the media and through personal stories, a palpable racial and class divide, one that no doubt exists in many major American cities, is evident. As a community of scholars, we challenge students, staff, teachers and faculty to embrace this important educational opportunity for discussion and analysis of American society, as much as we may wish it was not there.

Our hearts go out to all victims of what we now realize is the largest displacement of people in our country since the Civil War. Because of our unique mission, Gallaudet University's immediate response is directed primarily at deaf and hard of hearing people living in storm-affected area.

Welcoming Hurricane Displaced Students

Gallaudet opens its doors to deaf, hard of hearing and hearing undergraduate and graduate students who were attending a college or university now closed due to Hurricane Katrina. Those students may enroll either on a visiting student basis or as a full-time transfer student to Gallaudet. As this is being written, our Admissions Office is hard at work making plans for a deaf college student from New Orleans to transfer here. We are also open to deaf and hard of hearing students displaced from elementary or secondary schools.

Undergraduate students, please contact:
(202) 651-5114 (tty)
(202) 651-5750 (voice)
(202) 651-5744 (fax)
(800) 995-0550 (tty/voice)

Graduate students, please contact:
(202) 651-5400 (tty/voice)

Deaf or hard of hearing elementary and secondary school students, please contact:
(202) 651-5397 (tty/voice)

Housing and financial assistance is available on a case-by-case basis.

Welcoming Deaf Community members displaced by the Hurricane

The University is working with the Louisiana School for the Deaf and the Mississippi School for the Deaf to help deaf community members displaced by the storm find food and shelter, including on campus.

Gallaudet University Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund

The University has established a special fund to support relief efforts for the deaf and hard of hearing community in the storm-affected area, including especially the Louisiana School for the Deaf and the Mississippi School for the Deaf.

Contributions to the fund should be sent to:
The Office of Development
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002

Checks should be payable to: Gallaudet University/Hurricane Relief Fund Counseling Services

The Mental Health Center is prepared to offer services to displaced students, as well as current Gallaudet students, faculty, teachers or staff who have family and friends in the hurricane-ravaged areas. Contact the center at (202) 651-6080.

National SHHH - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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Hear2Care - A response to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster

In times of disaster and emergency as we have seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a person's ability to communicate with those around them takes on even greater importance. For thousands of hard of hearing people in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, their struggle to survive in the midst of this disaster is complicated by the fact that they may not be able to adequately communicate with relief workers, emergency personnel or other civilian authorities. They find themselves in a confusing and frustrating sea of noise and chaos.

Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) is responding to this need by establishing the hear2care project. Coordinating with SHHH members who are volunteering, corporate partners, and hearing health professionals, SHHH will first focus on those refugees who are being helped in Texas.

Our focus will be on helping people who rely on hearing aids or cochlear implants for their communication needs, or who need some type of hearing assistance technology. Our purpose is to provide batteries to those who have hearing aids and cochlear implants, to effect emergency hearing aid repair, and to provide personal hearing assistive devices to those who have a significant hearing loss, but who do not have a hearing aid.

For more information, send an email to or call 301-657-2248 or visit

Texas School for the Deaf - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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If any deaf or hard of hearing student from a storm-damaged area cannot make it back to their home school, he/she is welcome to enroll at TSD. The school is also willing to provide temporary shelter accommodations to families of these students.

Please contact Kristin Alford at (512) 462-5412 (V/TTY) - - for information or questions concerning enrollment/admissions.

Louisiana School for the Deaf - Posted 9/8/2005 -
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Hello friends,

Your emails are finally getting through to us. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your concern and support in this tragedy. It is sinking in to us that this is not something that will go away next week. Our lives here in Louisiana have changed and will never be the same.

LSD's campus and facilities came through unscathed, allowing us to devote our attention to assisting the homeless. Our priority has been to locate our New Orleans area students and get them back in school. We have contacted students and their families in Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas, as well as all over Louisiana. They are beginning to make their way to Baton Rouge to bring their child back to school. In most cases, this means providing shelter for their families. This morning we have 11 families (49) people living in one of our dormitories. This is a number that fluctuates daily. Families find apartments to rent and move out, or they connect with relatives outside Baton Rouge and move on. Example: one little girl's extended family (17 members) found an apartment to rent and moved out last Friday. We expect several more families to arrive today. These folks are in need of clothing and basic supplies..

We are also housing LSD staff members and their families who lost their homes or have been without electricity for an extended period. The daytime temperature here continues to be in the mid-90s. Thank God this has been a small number.

Re: the deaf community for whom we've provided shelter, this number has also fluctuated. We've had as many as 12 or more and that number is down to two this morning. They come here, catch their breath, eat a hot meal, wash their clothes, get a hot shower and an air-conditioned night's sleep. We then help them contact friends or relatives who can take them in. We had two elderly brothers, both deaf-blind, who miraculously made their way out of New Orleans to a shelter near Baton Rouge. One of the volunteers in that shelter was the daughter of an interpreter. She told her mother who contacted LSD and then drove the two gentlement to LSD. They were with us several days until they could contact friends who came to get them.

The local service providers (Louisiana Commission for the Deaf, Louisiana Association of the Deaf, Louisiana Career Development Center, Catholic Deaf Center, First Baptist Deaf Church, Assembly of God Deaf Church, and Louisiana School for the Deaf) are coordinating services for deaf refugees. The Baton Rouge Deaf Action Center will do initial screening and connect the deaf refugees with Food Stamps, Unemployment, Social Security, FEMA, counseling and comforting, etc. and provide interpreters. LSD will provide temporary housing, food and clothing until the refugees can be relocated with friends or relatives. Once this is publicized, we expect a large number of homeless deaf people to be processed through LSD.

Our most pressing need is and will be monetary donations. As most of you know, I am limited by laws and regulations as to how I can spend our state appropriation. Monetary donations earmarked for a specific purpose (hurricane relief) I can spend as needed. We have established a special account through which these donations will flow. This money would go for clothing, toiletries, and food for the families of LSD students and the homeless deaf people who will be housed at LSD. Donations in lieu of material goods gives us the flexibility to purchase the exact items and sizes needed and we should be able to save by purchasing some things in bulk. In addition, it would go for gas, bus tickets, train tickets to reunite these people with their friends or relatives, if possible.

Please make checks payable to the Louisiana School for the Deaf, with a notation "for hurricane relief," and send to my attention at the address below.

Please remember us in your prayers.

Bill Prickett, Superintendent
Louisiana School for the Deaf
P.O. Box 3074
Baton Rouge, LA 70821
(225)769-8160 V,TDD
(888)769-8111 (instate only)
(225)757-3424 FAX

Phonak - Posted 9/7/2005 -
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To All-

In light of the ongoing discussions on this board, and the tragedies surrounding Katrina and her aftermath, Phonak US has set aside funds to establish a hearing aid bank specifically for victims of the recent hurricane who have lost their hearing aids and are unable to replace them. Phonak will partner with any practitioner in the southeastern US to provide hearing aids at no cost to these patients. If you would like additional information, please contact me (off line) via email or telephone (800 777 8333 x5141).


Dave Fabry
Phonak Hearing Systems

Starkey - Posted 9/7/2005 -
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Starkey Laboratories Offers $40 Million For Katrina Relief Efforts

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - In a joint effort, Starkey Laboratories and the Starkey Hearing Foundation are providing $40 million in hurricane relief efforts.

Starkey, America's largest hearing aid company, has pledged $25 million for its Help America Hear Project, a business recovery program designed to help with employment, new business plans and office relocation for hurricane victims.

In addition, the Starkey Hearing Foundation has committed $15 million in hearing care services through expansion of its domestic Hear Now program, which will provide hearing instruments for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the thousands of people affected by the disaster," said Jerry Ruzicka, Starkey President. "Starkey is honored to lend support to area residents and hearing professionals displaced by the hurricane."

Starkey has already begun providing funds and necessary equipment to help hearing professionals with recovery efforts. "We want to do our part to help professionals in our industry provide their patients with the immediate care they need," said Ruzicka.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation, which annually provides thousands of free hearing instruments to impoverished people throughout the world, is also mobilizing efforts to provide much-needed hearing care to victims who were relocated to Texas and other parts of the region.

Founder William F. Austin is spearheading the Foundation's efforts, which began this past weekend. "We intend to provide as much care as necessary to help families begin their recovery processes," he said.

Austin and a team of eight others were in Houston from September 9-11 to work with hurricane victims who had hearing needs. They took hundreds of impressions at the city's George R. Brown Convention Center, carried them to Starkey's corporate headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn. and flew back 48 hours later to deliver the hearing instruments.

Tani Austin, the Foundation's Secretary/Treasurer, was amazed at the spirit of the people she met in Houston. She said, "No one was demanding, no one was angry or bitter or expecting a gift. These people were still in shock and saying 'thank you.' They just wanted someone to care and we did our best to help them."

She went on to say, "Houston is a testimony to the goodness and beauty of the human spirit. It was the most beautiful thing I think I have ever witnessed. The human spirit is alive and well in Houston and at the Starkey companies!"

Foundation founder Bill Austin fits a gentleman with a replacement hearing aid at the Houston Convention Center.

For more information on how to obtain help, hearing professionals are asked to call Starkey at 800.328.8602 or e-mail Individuals who need hearing care because of the disaster should contact the Starkey Hearing Foundation at 866.354.3254.

AUDiTEC- Posted 9/6/2005 -
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I have been mulling over how AUDiTEC could help our fellow audiologists in the stricken areas (besides a monetary contribution already made to the Red Cross). It is entirely possible that either the printed materials that accompany our tests or the recordings or, of course, both, have been lost or destroyed. AUDiTEC wishes to make it possible to replace that which has been destroyed at a reduced cost. (We wish we could afford to replace at no cost, but we are not big enough to absorb this cost.) If an official representative of the state associations of these states would contact me or my assistant, Kim Bond, with information relative to the needs of their members, we will provide replacements at 50% off the retail price.
This offer will be available for 6 months.

William F. Carver, Ph.D., FASHA, FAAA
Toll free: 800-669-9065

Oticon - Posted 9/6/2005 -
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Dear Valued Oticon Customer,

In response to the outpouring of concern for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Oticon, Inc. has established a matching fund among our employees for donations to the hurricane relief effort - in the "People First" spirit.

We would now like to offer you, our valued customers, an opportunity to participate in Oticon's Katrina Matching Donation program.

From now until October the 15th, Oticon Inc. will match donations made by our customers and forward the total amount received to the American Red Cross fund - to aid hurricane victims in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

Next week, your office will receive Katrina Relief stickers of different amounts. If you would like to donate to the hurricane fund, simply attach one or more of these stickers to the order form for one of your patient's next ITE orders. Donations can also be made over the phone when placing a phone order immediately. Oticon will add the amount of your donation to your invoice for this particular order. We will then match this amount up to $100 and forward the combined total to the American Red Cross. You will receive a statement detailing your donation for taxation deduction purposes.

Regardless of your donation, in addition to matching the amount donated by our customers, Oticon will also contribute one dollar for every hearing aid order received from now up to OCTOBER 15.

We hope together with you, in some way to help provide comfort and support to the many people whose lives have been impacted by the terrible devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Peer Lauritsen
Oticon Inc

ASHA - Posted 9/2/2005 -
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Dear ASHA Member:

Out of concern for members who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina, ASHA has set up this website You may also click on the link located on our ASHA homepage.

The website offers a number of resources in one convenient location. These include a member discussion forum for academic programs that are reaching out to students whose programs of study in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) have been disrupted. Outreach can include offering educational options such as temporary campus study or long-distance learning. Programs that are interested in being included on that list can indicate their interest and leave their contact information. Those whose operations currentlyl are not operatiional can leave information about their status and needs.

In addition, the site offers a member-to-member information exchange where storm victims can share information about their situations and needs with individual professional colleagues.

To access these resources visit

Academic programs: this is where programs already providing outreach are listed and programs interested in providing outreach can sign up

Member-to-Member Exchange: this is where storm victims can exchange information with individual professional colleagues.

In addition, under State Contacts & Certification Assistance for Affected Members, members can learn the latest information about state contacts in the affected areas. Also, Disaster Relief Support has information about agencies providing direct relief to victims.

As an important side note, too, ASHA's Certification Administration Team is giving special priority to any requests for verification of certification for individuals from Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama. This verification may facilitate gaining licensure in a new state. For further information, interested parties should contact the ASHA Action Center 1-800-498-2071.

ASHA hopes these measures are of some immediate assistance to members who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina. ASHA will continue to closely monitor the recovery process and we will provide updates to the website as additional information becomes available for our members.

Vic S. Gladstone, PhD CCC-A
Chief Staff Officer for Audiology
Liaison to Academic Affairs, Accreditation,
Certification, and Ethics Units
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
10801 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

301-897-0102 Direct
800-498-2071 X 4102
301-571-0481 FAX

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