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The Latest News from Frye Electronics


FONIX 6500-CX News:

Version 4.6 is shipping. This new version provides RS232 support for the ANSI '96 test sequence. Those who are doing custom programming need all this new code. Programmers will find the information they need on the Frye web site: Click on DOWNLOAD. The first item listed has what you need to write your new code. Dennis O'Dorety ( and Mike Day ( can also be consulted if you are having problems with creating custom software.

There is one more improvement in the 4.6 software as compared to the 4.53. The COIL button now provides the choice of 10 mA/M (ANSI '87 and 32.6 mA/M (ANSI '96) for measurements. You must use the telewand for the new measurement.

Users who have instruments purchased from September 1st on are entitled to new software free of charge. We are always happy to give quotations on existing units. Just send us your serial number and we will tell you what the possibilities are. Even the oldest 6500s can be upgraded.

The French version of the software will be released next week.

Big FP35 Demo Sale:

Eleven FP35 Beta units that are available for sale at a 25% discount. These units have new front panels and all the latest improvements. They also have paint chips. The paint that is used now using is much better than what was used on these Beta units, so we decided to give buyers a big discount so we can replace them with new units.

These units have composite and real ear options. The list price is $5500, but we are selling them for $4125 FOB Tigard. Six month warranty and we will send you the first software upgrade free. The FP35 can be upgraded through the RS232 port, so it will be a snap to upgrade them when the time comes. Send your orders to or call Sandra at 800/547-8209 or fax us at 503/639-0128. If you need a brochure or further information, we will be happy to provide it.

FP40 News/ New Digital Speech Program:

FP40 software version 3.5 was released at the end of October. It provides a FP40 version of our popular Digital Speech program for the FONIX 6500-CX. The interrupted signal allows an easy and very quick test for those digital hearing aids that respond to the presence of any continuous signal as if it were noise. The Prisma and the Senso are two of the aids that can be easily tested using this new signal. The composite option is required. New units with composite option will automatically have this feature. Other units can be upgraded.

Another improvement found in the 3.5 software is the enhancement of the DSL program. You may now use a custom RECD in the DSL program.

If you have a unit with a serial number beginning with 94, your unit can get these new features by a simple PROM change. If your instrument was purchased any time from July through October, you should ask for your free upgrade. Otherwise, send us your serial number and we will give you a quotation.

Price Increase of FP40/FP40-D
For the first time we have raised the price of the FP40 and FP40-D. The cost increase is $300, but you get the ability to hook up a VGA Monitor to any new FP40 or FP40-D. We will also sell you a monitor if you wish or you can buy one yourself.

Demo Units Available:

At the moment we have two 6500-CXs, two FP40s, one FA-10 and one FA-12 available at a 10% discount. We can generally put the options on these units that you want. They are a year old and carry a six month warranty. There is always a demand for these demo units. They are totally up to date of course.

New experts are on call:

During the last few months we've been contacting different individuals in the hearing health community who are interested in our products and in teaching other people how to use them. Through this network of people, we hope to educate our customers and help them make full use of their FONIX equipment. These individuals have truly inspired us when they came to our company for training. Their knowledge and passion for what they are doing far exceeded our expectations.

Our current list of technical experts includes:

Dr. Christopher Schweitzer, F-AAA Hear 4 U International , Lafayette, Colorado Dr. John Nelson, CCC-A University of Texas at Austin Dr. Wayne Staab, Phoenix, ARizona Annette Hurley, M.S. CCC-A Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond Louisiana Dr. Linda Thibodeau, Callier Center for Communication Disorders, Dallas, Texas Dr. Geary McCandless, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah Bob Briskey, Listen USA, Des Plaines, Illinois

Harry Teder will be coming on board in January. We are looking for other qualified individuals. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you the details.

Coming Up:

We will be on the program at both the AAA (American Academy of Audiology) convention and the AAS (American Auditory Society) meeting. George Frye has a poster session on the Open Standard. George and Chris Schweitzer have submitted a paper entitled 'Pursuing the Elusive in 3-D: Characterizing 21st Century Hearing Aids.' This paper makes use of our Tempus 3-D program that analyzes wave files for time, frequency, and amplitude. Tempus costs only $100 and provides many interesting and sometimes unexpected insights involving temporal aspects of sounds, as well as frequency and intensity. Information on this program can be found on our web site. Click on the red Tempus message on the home page. You may order through the web site or give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Contact: Sallie Frye, Marketing Manager Frye Electronics, Inc. Email: Sallie Frye Voice: 503-620-2722 Fax: 503-639-0128

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