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Cochlear Service Report - January 2024

The Latest News From imPact Technologies


We're moving!

imPact is moving it's headquarters to Florida. For this reason our capabilities for Tech Support via phone will be limited. We will, however, continuously follow up requests via Email. The Offices will be re-opened for Business on February 21st.

New Instrument Drivers available for imPact PRO!

Two new Drivers have been added to the Database:
Interacoustics MS 25
and Madsen Aurical Audiometer
Just download them and copy the drivers into the Drivers Directory of imPact PRO and you're ready to go.

Soleron goes in Field Test Phase!

Our latest hardware development, the Soleron Real Time Analyzer, is expected to go in it's final testing phase at the end of February and to be available for the market in April. The new Instrument is extremely small, but powerful. Real portability is obvious, but the capabilities of this device challenge High End Measuring Devices and outperforms the line of Instruments on the Market right now. 25 Frequency sweeps with 4096 measurement points per second, Galvanic separation, extremely low distortions and a only 400 gram weight are margins, which certainly will make the Audiologists job on the road a little easier.

What's up in the next weeks?

In March we expect several new Hearing Instruments to be connected to imPact PRO. DynaFit, Files to work with Siemens instruments, Starkey, Resound and more. The Frye Instruments will also be supported by then.

Thank you for your interest!

Signia Xperience - July 2024

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