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Life Sounds Announces HATIS Acquisition- Line of Hearing Devices


Walnut Creek, Calif., Nov. 29, 1999---Life Sounds Incorporated (a privately held California corporation) today announced completion of its patent acquisition from Phoenix Management of Fountain, Colorado (January 19, 1999), signing of exclusive American manufacturing agreements (Minnesota Wire & Cable Company - August, 1999) and roll-out of the all new Made-In-America HATIS - Hearing Aid Telephone Interconnect Systems (January, 2000).

HATIS enables HIPs (Hearing Impaired People) who wear telecoil-enabled aids to convert their ordinary hearing aids from amplification devices to receiving units using a standard headset jack. HATIS offers HIPs clarity of telecommunication so profound as to provide many users with cell, wireless and landline phones access they did not previously enjoy.

HATIS targets the rapidly growing 30,000,000 American HIP consumers who now or in the future will wear hearing aids. 'Our primary demographic is 79,000,000 Baby Boomers born between WWII and the 1960s,' according to CEO, Alice M. Morgan. 'Naturally aging Boomers, in addition to the exposure to America's culturally-noisy environment, presented a profound opportunity to build Life Sounds into the preeminent hearing-assisted devices brand in a fragmented market'. Rapid proliferation of digital communications - cell phones, TVs, radio, the Internet and other audio devices - created an opportunity for Life Sounds to include millions of hearing impaired Americans in the New World of a New Millennium.

Morgan, herself seasoned with nearly three-decades in the investment arena and an 80% hearing-impaired spouse, understands both the personal needs of the HIP and the business of developing viable, socially relevant products for break-through growth markets. Morgan believes that execution of Life Sounds' business model could result in a $100,000,000/year revenue flow for her company.

FCC Chairman William Kennard announced on October 19, 1999 that communications access for all hearing impaired Americans 'anytime, anywhere, anyhow' will be aggressively enforced by his agency. 'I see no reason with the market, the management, the money and now the FCC, why Life Sounds can't provide every HIP American with the sounds of life', said Morgan.

Life Sounds begins shipping its new HATIS devices in the first quarter of the New Millennium with initial introduction of three 'Made-in-the-USA' products: HATIS Freedom 2000 - for cell and wireless phones; HATIS Citizen 2000 - for home and travel; HATIS Liberty 2000 - for multi-media use (Internet/TV/radio/computer/CD and other audio out-put devices).

Retail prices are $199.50 for cellular Freedom 2000, $160.00 for landline Citizen 2000 and $75.00 for multi-media Liberty 2000. HATIS will be available directly through Life Sounds' toll-free number (1-877-U-HEAR-ME), E-mail (HATIS@LIFE-SOUNDS.COM) and on its World Wide Web site (introduction in January).

Motorola, Ericksson, Nokia and other major communications companies formerly marketed HATIS under contract with the previous company and owners of the HATIS patents. Alice Morgan is soliciting contracts with major telecom, computing, software and Internet players whose global marketing strategies correspond with the objectives she set for Life Sounds. 'Voice recognition technology will be the biggest breakthrough in communications for the hearing impaired on this planet over the next few years and Life Sounds intends to play the key role in making it accessible to the HIP population' according to Morgan.
Life Sounds Incorporated
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