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MED-EL - Bonebridge - August 2023

Magnatone Introduces The AGCo II, The New And Improved AGCo Circuit


Magnatone's AGCo II is the non-programmable version of our popular DigiPro AGCo circuit. Magnatone¹s team of Engineers is continuously improving and enhancing our products to provide you an instrument that keeps up with the demands of your patients. The AGCo II uses an AGC output compression, which will compress loud sounds without the unwanted distortion, caused by peak clipping circuits. The compression ratio is fixed at 8:1. The circuit is designed to drive Class D receivers and the frequency response of each hearing instrument will be dialed in using the active low cut filter (AFT).

Additional features of the AGCo II include averaging detector circuitry and a full array of trimmers and options. The AGCo II includes 2 trimmers on all aids - The Active Low Cut trimmer provides flat to high frequency response control. The Output Control will reduce the OSPL90 up to 15dB. Optional choices include T/Coil, Low Cut Switch, On/Off Switch, Screw Set VC and Feedback Trimmer. Also, the full shell model has the option of using the Liberty rechargeable system.

Magnatone Corporation is family owned and operated since 1967. During this time, Magnatone has built a strong reputation in the global marketplace for reliable ITE instruments backed with stellar customer service. With all the mergers within the hearing healthcare industry, audiologists and dispensers can rely on the fact that, ''We'll be there, when you need us!''

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