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Bernafon - Hearing Aids - April 2024

Mexico Mission in Need of Audiometer


Last year a group of Colorado audiologist's went to Mexico and fit more than 80 children with hearing aids. With the help of Siemens, Westone, Sertoma and Rotary, they are returning to help others.

According to Barb Jenkins, AuD, the greatest need facing the group is obtaining a good used audiometer and typmanometer for the facility in Tehuacan. 'Any dependable piece of equipment of any type would be greatly appreciated'. Sound field or reflex capabilities are not needed. The physicians are attempting to test the children with an audiometer and impedance bridge that are more than 20 years old!

Please contact Dr. Jenkins at if you can help in any way. Used BTE, ITE and CIC hearing aids can also be donated. The children of Mexico will be grateful.

Signia Xperience - July 2024

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