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Earlens Hero - December 2019

New Book! Essential Business Principles and Tactics for Clinical Managers


Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) has announced the release of a brand new book, by author Brian Taylor, AuD: Essential Business Principles and Tactics for Clinical Managers: The First (or Next) 100 Days


Audiologists invest a considerable amount of time and money on their education. As Doctors of Audiology, with the chief aim of better serving patients, they must apply current knowledge of the pertinent literature and other relevant patient care trends. Unfortunately, those critical patient care skills don't often translate into managing a successful business, department or staff. 

For those select few audiologists who happen to enroll in a business course during their academic training, much of the classroom material provided may not be helpful in their role as a clinical manager or director. According to Taylor, “the purpose of this new e-book is to provide audiologists, who aspire to assume the role of clinical manager, with practical insights and guidance, based on almost 30 years of real-world experience.”

“This is a great read and reference for first-time clinical managers, responsible for seeing their own patients but required to ensure the business success of a hearing healthcare operation,” said HHTM colleague and audiology consultant, Dr. Robert Traynor. “The simple explanation of personnel management and the numbers that spell success or failure will be especially helpful to clinicians without a business or management background.”

For any clinical manager who wants to make their first (or next) 100 days more successful, this book will be an invaluable resource. 

The new eBook is now exclusively available at the HHTM bookstore.

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