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New Scholarship for AuD Students


West Lafayette, IN - The Audiology Foundation of America proudly announces a new scholarship for AuD students. The Outstanding AuD Student Award will replace the AFA's Alliance Fund Fellowship Award. The Alliance Award was established to attract and support pioneering would-be audiologists enrolling as full-time students in Doctor of Audiology programs. This award is being phased out in favor of the Outstanding AuD Student Award, which is more appropriate to current professional educational needs.

Program Directors Nominate Students

The AFA recently sent letters to AuD Program Directors urging them to nominate their "best and brightest" students for this prestigious award. The Outstanding AuD Student Award will be given to two students each year. The students will be recognized for their academic achievement and professional potential. They will be awarded $2250 for the Fall semester and $2250 for the Spring Semester, based on evidence of continued successful AuD study.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet the following criteria to be considered for the award:
¨ Be nominated by their program directors.
¨ Be full-time students.
¨ Be enrolled in the second year of an AuD program.
¨ Be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or Canada.
¨ Not be a licensed (or registered) practicing audiologist.
¨ Complete the AFA's award application process.

The Awards Committee will select the winners based on guidelines developed by the AFA Board of Directors.

The Outstanding AuD Student Fellowship Award will serve to encourage AuD students in their academic endeavors. It will give the winners prestige, as well as a major financial reward.

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