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Sonic Radiant - January 2021

New Sonic Trek™ Helps Super Power and Ultra Power Users Experience More


Somerset, NJ  September 19– Sonic introduces new Trek™ BTE Super Power (SP) and Ultra Power (UP), the most powerful hearing aids built on the revolutionary SoundDNA platform. Designed to address the greater auditory demands of users with severe-to-profound hearing loss, Trek provides natural sound while, at the same time, controlling environmental noise for greater comfort. The new lineup features Sonic’s highest Peak Gain and Maximum Power Output in products to date and is available in two performance levels, 80-Advanced and 40-Basic. Trek is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid, includes a telecoil and is DAI/FM-compatible.

A close up of a logoDescription automatically generated“With Trek, we offer people with severe-to-profound hearing loss our most versatile solution to meet their challenging needs – all while staying true to Sonic’s 4S Foundation of Sound that is natural, Speech understanding in noise, Simplicity in everything we do and Style that stands out,” says Carolyn Valentine, Sonic Vice President/General Manager. “The powerful new hearing aids optimize volume and clarity with greater precision and offer the advanced connectivity, reliability and style patients need to engage in more conversations, connections and experiences.”

Versatile Technology Tailored for Power Users

Amplification with Speech Variable Processing (SVP) makes speech easier to understand in everyday situations. SVP provides two selectable amplification strategies – Phoneme Focus and Envelope Focus – important for the individual needs of this population. SVP with SmartCompress in Trek 80 further processes the amplified signal to offer listener benefits such as more listening comfort in noise and improved ease of communication. Volume Control (VC) Step Size allows users to adjust sound levels in finer 1 dB increments.

Trek with Adaptive Feedback Canceller Pro (AFC Pro) offers robust feedback cancellation capabilities, so patients can live with fewer distractions. AFC Pro uses two systems to control feedback in a variety of situations. The standard system continually operates in the background to quickly cancel feedback in static conditions. The second system quickly reacts to feedback-causing situations, to allow more stable gain in the fitting. This provides Trek with higher feedback margins in the fitting software and a reduced risk of feedback.

Speech in Noise (SPiN) Management, an advanced noise reduction system in Trek, offers up to three adaptive features to improve speech understanding in noisy environments, where patients need help the most. SPiN Directionality, an adaptive directional microphone system, automatically activates in response to environmental noise to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. SPiN Noise Reduction, a fast-acting, modulation-based algorithm, reduces steady-state background noise, such as the drone of traffic, fans, busy restaurants or parties. SPiN Engage, available in Trek 80, allows hearing professionals to personalize fittings according to how much noise patients are willing to accept in their individual listening environments. 

Frequency Transfer shifts high-frequency input to frequencies with better hearing and includes several features within the fitting software to help patients who have severe-to-profound high-frequency hearing loss. Up to 10 destination ranges, 7 intensity settings and high-frequency attenuation allow optimization for the individual patient.  

Additional SoundDNA Features

Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) in Trek 80 extends the dynamic range of sound up to 113 dB SPL, helping to ensure clarity as sounds grow in intensity, in places such as movie theaters or auditoriums. For patients who may experience uneven noise from side to side, Binaural Noise Management, also in Trek 80, compares the sound levels at each ear and automatically reduces the loudest source of noise for a more balanced sound. Tinnitus SoundSupport is available in all technology levels for patients with hearing loss who also experience tinnitus.

Reliability and Standout Style

Trek provides impressive protection from the elements, important to super power and ultra power users who rely on their hearing aids for audibility of speech. All Trek styles and performance levels have an IP68 rating, making them dust-tight and protected against moisture*.  

With two BTE models and up to six colors to choose from, Trek fuses form and function. A double push button allows patients to easily and intuitively adjust volume with a short press and a single push button controls program changes. Multicolor LED light indicators on Trek help to show the hearing aid status, confirming volume adjustments, program changes and more.

Wireless Options

All Trek devices include the Dual-Radio System for fast and direct wireless transmissions with low battery drain. This practical and simple functionality allows users to control a variety of wireless operations – via program button, smartphone or other accessories from Sonic. Trek is compatible with all of Sonic’s existing 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy accessories.

 For more information on the Trek Super Power 80|40 and Trek Ultra Power 80|40, visit

*Not for swimming or showering.


Sonic is a U.S.-based manufacturer of hearing care solutions that envisions a world where all people can enjoy the sounds that enrich everyday life and where lives are improved through enhanced hearing. Since 1998, Sonic employees and distributor partners have provided quality products with a proven benefit track record. Today Sonic has a global sales network represented in more than 45 countries. Sonic focuses its product development on its 4S Foundation (Sound that’s natural, Speech understanding in noise, Simplicity in everything we do and Style that stands out) to ensure that with Sonic, Everyday Sounds Better. Visit for more information.

Sonic is part of the Demant group.

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