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Oticon Medical Supports OSSEO 2017, the 6th International Congress of Bone Conduction and related Technologies


Somerset, NJ December 13, 2016. - Oticon Medical is pleased to announce its support as a platinum sponsor of OSSEO 2017, the 6th International Congress on Bone Conduction and related Technologies.  The conference will be held on May 17 – 20, 2017 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Since its inception in 2007, this multidisciplinary conference has attracted an international delegation of physicians, audiologists and industry leaders in the ear and craniofacial surgical community. OSSEO 2017 includes a three-day scientific program with plenary lectures, oral presentations, a poster presentation session and workshops.

“The cutting-edge research and clinical knowledge shared at the OSSEO conference helps to bring forth further advances in bone conduction technologies”, stated Alan Raffauf, Vice President of Marketing at Oticon Medical. “Support of OSSEO 2017 aligns with our commitment to continually lead research and know how, understand patients, and develop innovative and proven technology like the Ponto Pro bone anchored hearing system.”

In addition to sponsorship, Oticon Medical’s participation at OSSEO 2017 includes an exhibit booth for attendees to learn more about the company’s products and programs.

Early registration for OSSEO 2017 ends on January 1.  More information can be found at  For more information about Oticon Medical, please visit or the Oticon Medical Expo on AudiologyOnline.

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