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Oticon Medical - BAHS - January 2024

Oticon Medical Wins Silver Hearing Technology Innovator Award


Somerset, NJ, October 16 - Oticon Medical announced today that they won the Silver Award for their innovative Ponto 4 bone anchored hearing system in the Auditory Implant Category of the first-ever Hearing Technology Innovator Awards. This award, sponsored by Hearing Health and Technology Matters, recognizes the most significant advancements in auditory implant technology based on innovation, effectiveness, efficiency, and utility. 

“At Oticon Medical, we constantly strive to develop new and better ways to aid our wearers,” said Alan Raffauf, Vice President, Oticon Medical Marketing. “It is an honor to have our Ponto 4, which introduced the smallest available bone anchored hearing processor with direct audio streaming into the market, recognized for its innovative technology.”

The category in which the Ponto device won included percutaneous and transcutaneous bone conduction aids, and cochlear implants.

The official announcement can be viewed here:

To learn more about the Silver award-winning Ponto 4, please visit:

About Oticon Medical

Oticon Medical is a global company in implantable hearing solutions, dedicated to bringing the magical world of sound to people at every stage of life. As a member of one of the world’s largest groups of hearing care companies, we share a close link with Oticon and direct access to the latest advancements in hearing research and technologies. Our competencies span more than a century of innovations in sound processing and decades of pioneering experience in hearing implant technology. 
By working collaboratively with patients, physicians and hearing care professionals, we ensure that every solution we create is designed with user needs in mind. We share an unwavering commitment to provide innovative solutions and support that enhance quality of life for people wherever life may take them. Because we know how much sound matters.



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