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Oticon MyMusic, Innovative Program for Music Listening, Captures CES 2022 Innovation Award


Honored in Competitive “Software and Mobile Apps” Category by World’s Leading Consumer Technology Awards Program

SOMERSET, NJ  November 11 – Oticon MyMusic, a dedicated music program tailor-made to help people with hearing loss rediscover their love of music, has been named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in the highly competitive Software and Mobile Apps category. The international awards program recognizes innovative design and engineering in some of the world’s most cutting edge consumer technology products and services.

MyMusic overcomes one of the toughest challenges for hearing aids, delivering excellent music sound quality, whether it’s live music or streamed directly from a device. The music-oriented signal processing program captures the complex dynamics of music much better than attempting to apply ordinary speech processing strategies to music.

“Oticon MyMusic is a brand-new way of amplifying music to bring out the details,” says Oticon President Gary Rosenblum. “Developed from the ground up and based on the unique characteristics of music, it uses the life-changing technology in Oticon More™ hearing aids to ensure an outstanding music listening experience, whether streaming directly from a device or listening live. Regardless of their level of hearing loss, individuals can once again enjoy their favorite music in all its nuances.”

MyMusic uses a new strategy for amplification based on independent research on reference curves for music listening and research on how the music experience can be improved for hearing aid users. Processing is performed in both 4 and 24 channels simultaneously which allows details to be preserved no matter the signal type. There is more amplification in the highest and lowest frequencies, delivering better balance across frequencies. This ensures that differences between softer and louder components in music are preserved and natural dynamics are maintained.

The MyMusic program is added to Oticon More hearing aids by hearing care professionals in Oticon Genie 2. It adapts to the user’s hearing loss but can also be fine-tuned separately for specific preferences. Existing Oticon More users can add the MyMusic program by visiting their hearing care professional to upgrade to the latest firmware. 

For more information about Oticon MyMusic and the entire expanded Oticon More family and accessories, visit

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