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PCO School of Audiology: An Update


130 Audiologists 'clicked' into the Spring 2, 2001 session on Monday April 30, 2001. Next session begins June 25, 2001.

Happenings at the PCO School of Audiology:

1. Endorsement by AAA resulted in a super response at the San Diego meeting.

2. In March we received the endorsement of the Joint Services/Department of Veterans Affairs Au.D. Steering Committee. ('We will be pleased if government audiologists chose to participate in your program and will provide financial support to those who do enroll in your program, assuming eligibility criteria are met.')

3. Track 2 - a 20 course 'core curriculum' program was launched for audiologists with fewer than 4 years of experience.

4. Several clinical supervisors from existing residential Au.D. programs have enrolled. We are pleased to be selected as 'the program that trains the teachers'.

5. On May 19, 2001 we will graduate our first six Doctors of Audiology. They will wear the Spruce Green hoods that will represent the doctoral profession of Audiology going forward.

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