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Phonak Lumity - September 2023

Phonak Introduces Claro 111 dAZ and Mini-D

Claro 111 dAZ - the key to fitting success with high-frequency hearing loss.

With the Claro 111 dAZ, Phonak completes its range of digital behind-the-ear instruments with a hearing instrument that is specially designed to meet the needs of people with mild and steeply sloping hearing loss. The Claro 111 dAZ offers fitting success through advanced technology:

* Excellent sound quality through Phonak's unique Digital Perception Processing (DPP)
* Background noise reduction and improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio with adaptive digital AudioZoom
* Reduction of ambient noise with Fine-scale Noise Canceler
* Designed to fitted within an open earmold
* Specially developed ski-slope fitting formula

Mini-D - Better Hearing in Background Noise, Even With a Canal Aid

Phonak introduces Mini-D, a small directional microphone available on Classic and programmable in-the-ear and in-the-canal instruments. A pioneer in the use of directional technology, Phonak expects Mini-D to become a common feature of custom hearing devices.

* Switchable omni/directional microphone
* Small enough to fit in a canal aid
* Available as an option on ClassicLine and Astro programmable instruments
* With mini-D, noise-reducing directional technology is within reach, even on a budget

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