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Phonak Audeo Marvel - April 2019

Phonak Launches eAudiology Webinar Series to Support Hearing Care Professionals through Digital Transformation


12-month online-based informational lecture series with key opinion leaders and pioneers in digital hearing healthcare starting from May 2018

Stäfa (Switzerland), April 30, 2018 – Phonak, the leading global innovator for hearing instruments and wireless communication solutions, announces the launch of a monthly online lecture series on eAudiology. The webinars are developed and presented in close collaboration with renowned international experts. The goal is to support hearing care professionals in clinical practice through the digital transformation and in integrating eAudiology solutions into their practice. The first lecture by Dr. Danielle Glista is scheduled 
for May 9, 2018.

Digital transformation is currently reshaping the healthcare industry landscape. New telehealth or e-health technologies enable patients to access care from the comfort and convenience of their homes, their social environments and even from remote locations where the distances to hospitals and healthcare providers are great.

“This change is also happening in audiology, and it will have an impact on the way hearing care is provided in the future”, said Ora Buerkli, Vice President of Global Audiology at Phonak. “We want to support 

hearing care professionals through this extension of service provision. By offering up to date, evidence-based and product neutral information, we aim to empower hearing care professionals to embrace digital hearing healthcare and benefit from this new addition to service delivery.”

Monthly lecture series starting from May
Earlier this year, Phonak assembled thought leaders in eAudiology to discuss the digital transformation in audiology and to identify ways to support the field in integrating new technology solutions into clinical practice. Based on the insights gained in this meeting, chaired by Professor Joseph Montano, Phonak developed an online lecture series on eAudiology. Starting in May, a total of 12 monthly webinars with experts in the field are scheduled.

The first lecture, “An introduction to eAudiology”, will be presented by Dr. Danielle Glista from the National Centre for Audiology at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada, on May 9, 2018 at 11 a.m. GMT. Further experts to host a webinar include Dr. Gurjit Singh, Dr. Joseph Montano, and Dr. Melanie Ferguson.

Consensus paper on eAudiology
As a further result of the expert meeting, a consensus paper for hearing care professionals in clinical practice is being developed and planned for publication in September.

The webinars will be hosted live in English, via the Phonak Learning online platform and made accessible via link before each talk in participating markets (US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, UK, France and Germany). Each lecture will be accredited by local Audiology governing bodies. The webinars will also be recorded for later access.

For more information, please visit or the Phonak Partner Page on AudiologyOnline.

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