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Phonak Audeo Marvel - April 2019

Phonak Marvel Wins Silver Edison Award for Hearing Technology Design


April 11, 2019 — Last week, Phonak’s latest generation hearing aid, Phonak Marvel, was recognized as a Silver Edison Award Winner outranking hundreds of other nominees and dozens within the Hearing Technology Design category. According to the final award submission, Phonak Marvel is the world’s first Bluetooth hearing aid to fully support stereo audio streaming from Android and iOS devices. This latest generation enables hearing aid wearers to stream music, phone, video, and more to both ears from billions of Bluetooth-connected devices.

The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and in service development, marketing, human-center design, and innovation. The judging panel was comprised of more than three thousand professionals from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing, and education, including professional organizations representing a wide variety of industries and disciplines.

Marvel technology improves accessibility to hearing care by allowing customers to benefit from a suite of fully connected smart apps. These apps serve to give consumers more control over their hearing experience while also allowing professionals to deliver an even greater quality of care that extends beyond the practice.

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